Tips for Purchasing and Storing Meat from Your Local Meat Wholesalers

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Rarely, do people purchase processed foods after inspecting the labels on the packages. By doing so, they could be compromising their health. Similarly, when you purchase meat and processed meat products from the meat wholesalers, ensure that you make your purchases prudently. Buying fresh meat will provide you with various health benefits. In addition, if you can store these items appropriately, they will remain fresher for longer.

How to Purchase Meat from the Meat Wholesalers and Store it for Subsequent Use

Many people know how to purchase fresh meat from the local butcher shops in Sydney. But, buying pre-packaged meat products is another thing altogether. Get the best value for your money by ensuring that your pre-packaged meat:

  • Is properly sealed
  • Has a valid expiry date
  • Is well frozen and does not emit any foul odour
  • Contains meat which is fresh pink in colour with bright, white coloured bones
  • Has labels informing you of the cut of the meat, the weight, the price and the dates of packaging and expiry

Many people often fall into the habit of purchasing strip steaks. However, these do not last for very long and are costlier as well. Instead, consider purchasing a roast. In addition, ensure that you slice the meat only when you’re going to cook it. Similarly, avoid purchasing packaged ground beef because it will be tougher. As such, it will take longer to cook. Instead, consider mincing the beef at home.

You could opt for using a cooler to keep the meat chilled until you reach home. Adhere to the storage recommendations specified on the label. Store your meat products separately, so that it doesn’t drip on to other food items kept in the freezer. In addition, divide the meat into smaller portions. Thereafter, store it in smaller containers so that the meat experiences some airflow.

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