3 Factors to Consider While Shopping At Meat Wholesalers in Sydney

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When it comes to meat wholesalers in Sydney, you’re spoilt for choice. However, making a wrong decision in this area can cost you your business. It’s important to consider some crucial factors before committing to a meat wholesaler or even butchers in Sydney. Let’s take a look

  1. Capacity: Find out whether your meat wholesaler is capable of fulfilling your meet requirements on time. In Sydney, you can find a number of meat wholesalers but many of them don’t have the sufficient workforce and equipment to fulfil large volumes of orders quickly. So, rather than dealing with last minute delays and running the risk of losing your own business, it’s better to play safe and choose a well established meat wholesaler and butcher like Campisi Butchery.
  1. Health and Safety: Make sure that the chosen meat wholesaler and butchers in Sydney follow all the health and safety rules prescribed by the authorities. If you own a restaurant, it’s extremely important to choose a trusted meat wholesaler for your needs. This is essential to avoid any legal complications in case any of your customers develop health problems after consuming meat in your restaurant.It’s not hard to find incompetent meat wholesalers who can offer their products at dirt cheap prices. The reason is that they don’t care about health and safety of their customers and skimp on hiring professionals and buying equipment to guarantee the quality of their meats. Stay away from such suppliers and go with only trustworthy meat wholesalers.
  1. Value Added Services. Does your meat wholesaler also provide you value added services? At Campisi Butchery, we stock everything from highest quality beef cuts and lambs to prepared meats like beef rissoles and pork loin roast. All our butchers are knowledgeable enough to offer you some great advice so that they can save money without compromising on the quality. What’s more, we can also provide you recipes and cheap raw meats to prepare lip-smacking meat dishes with absolute ease.


We hope that these tips will help you get the highest quality meats for your establishment and we wish you a great success in the food service industry. For more information, get in touch with the experts at Campisi Butchery today!

Butchers Sydney – Your Guide to Delicious, Budget-Friendly Quality Meats

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So, you’ve finally realized how trusted butchers in Sydney can elevate your culinary experience to a whole new level with their unmatched quality meats. However, shopping at well established butchers and meat wholesalers in Sydney can be overwhelming for some people because of the extensive range of meats you can find at such renowned places.

Contrary to supermarkets, where you can find just usual cuts like tenderloin, rib eye or pork rib chops, butchers stock almost every part of the animals. And most of these parts are available at dirt cheap prices but taste twice as good as your regular familiar cuts.

The thing is butchers know the art creatively breaking down the animal. So, you’ll come across cuts that you might have never seen before. Experienced butchers in Sydney put some serious time and effort in dissecting the animals in order to provide maximum versatility to their customers who know how to buy quality meats.

Of course, all great butchers stock popular cuts too but if you let them know your needs they can direct you towards cheaper, tastier cuts which can be cooked with the similar recipes. Trustworthy butchers in Sydney such as Campisi butchery are experienced friendly people who love helping their customers to find the best products for their taste. Let’s have a look at some rare cheaper cuts.

  1. Sirloin steak: This cheap substitute for beef tenderloin tastes just like its expensive counterpart if not better. Extracted from the rear back of the animal, Sirloin steak is lean, mild and tender. It can be prepared in the same way as tenderloin. If you’re not that fond of strong tasting pastured beef, Sirloin steak is a better (and a much cheaper) option for you.
  1. Chuck (7-bone steak): Beef chuck cuts can replace the prized cut Rib Eye any day. You may have already tasted chuck because it is used extensively in its ground form in a number of food products, such as burgers. However, if you use this part to make steak, it tastes almost similar to the Rib Eye. It does contain some bones but that actually makes it more interesting.
  1. Lamb Shoulder Chop (Blade Chop): Who doesn’t love lamb rib chops? But what can put most people off is their exorbitant price tag. This is where blade chops come into the picture. This little known shoulder chop is incredibly flavourful and very tender and can be enjoyed at a fraction of price of expensive lamb rib chops.


At Campisi Butchery, we are some of the most experienced butchers in Sydney known for our high quality meats. For the most comprehensive selection of free range meats in Sydney, visit Campisi Butchery today!

3 Tips to Choose Right Chicken Portions for You



Perhaps the question, “what are healthy chicken portions for you” is even more important than asking “who are the best butchers in Sydney to buy your chicken from”. Though people know that lean meat is always healthy regardless of the quantity they want to consume, there are some important considerations that can help you order just the ideal chicken portions suitable for your needs. Let’s have a look at a few important things to consider.

  1. Serving size: When prepared with the right ingredients, chicken portions are not only delicious but they also form one of the healthiest low-calorie diets we can eat today. However, it’s a good idea determine the right size of chicken portions before including it in your diet. According to dieticians, the recommended serving of protein per day for healthy adult men is 6 1/2 oz. And including chicken in your diet routine is an affordable and delicious way to get your daily dose of protein.
  1. Nutrition: Consuming chicken portions containing 3 oz chicken breast will provide you 150 calories (5 gm fat and 7 mg cholesterol). On the other hand, chicken drumsticks of the same serving size but with skin will provide you 230 calories (75 mg cholesterol and 15 gm fat). So, it depends a lot on the type of meal you choose to consume.
  1. Cooking style: if you’re watching your calories, it’s important to cook chicken with the right cooking style. For instance you’ll get around 130 calories from a grilled 3 oz skinless chicken breast. But when you consume the same amount of chicken fried, you’ll get more than 160 calories along with 4 gram of fat. So, try to choose a cooking style by keeping your fitness goals in mind.


Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you can never go wrong with high quality chicken portions bought from a trusted butchers in Sydney, such as Campisi Butchery. An experienced butcher will also help you pick just the right chicken portions to meet your exact needs. For more guidance, visit Campisi Butchery in Sydney today.



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How to Shop At Butchers in Sydney? Red Meat Vs White Meat

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Let’s try to understand meat and what makes the meats available at trusted butchers in Sydney so irresistible and healthy. Meat tissues contain three main nutrients – protein, fat and water (carbohydrates are also present in small amounts). Carbohydrates are actually what give meat its brown colour when cooked.

Classification: Meats can be broadly classified into two types: Red (Dark) meat and white meat. Red meat gets its colour from the protein ‘myoglobin’. More the myoglobin present in the meat, darker and tender it will be. Like haemoglobin, myoglobin’s main function is to store oxygen in the muscle fibres.

White meat is made up of muscle fibres that remain inactive most of the times. While Myoglobin is still present in white meat but the concentration is very low.

Beef and pork are both dark meats though the concentration of myoglobin in pigs’ muscles is not that high. Chicken contains both white and dark meat while fish is mostly white meat. The active muscles in chickens, such as legs and thighs, give a bit darker meat than the meat you get from its breasts. On other hand, birds that fly a lot have red meat in their wings and breasts too.


What To Look For In Meat While Shopping At Meat Wholesalers?

Ask trusted butchers in Sydney, they would tell you that two important qualities to look for in meat are – tenderness and juiciness. In addition to the source of meat, other factors that can influence these qualities are: duration for which the meat is cooked and the cuts of meat. Meat from the muscle part usually gives tougher and stronger cuts. The more the duration of cooking, the tougher the meat will be. This is due to loss of water in the cooking process. Some other factors influencing juiciness and tenderness of meat are: amount of fat and age of the animal at the time of slaughter, among others.

Campisi Butchery is one of the most trusted organic butchers and meat wholesalers in Sydney. Visit Campisi Butchery today to choose from the mouth-watering array of finest meat products in Sydney!



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Campisi Butchery: Celebrating 40 Years of Great Tasting Quality Meats

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At Campisi Butchery, we are not just passionate about how our meat products are processed but also where they sourced from. While most of the traditional butchers in Sydney have become obsolete in the last decade or so, Campisi Butchery is still well known for its unrivalled quality meats in Sydney. So, when you shop at Campisi Butchery, you can rest assured that you’re getting just the best of the best!

Thanks to our butchers and all the customers for showing their love and support all these years, this month marks the 40th anniversary of Campisi Butchery. We are beyond excited to present the ‘World of Meat Big Lunch’ event on Sunday 28th of August at Campisi Butchery to celebrate this major milestone. Join us on 28th of August to choose from a sumptuous range of quality meats on sale, learn the secrets of meat cooking from our experienced butchers and to attend the ‘Meet and greet’ with none other than  MKR’s Luciano & Martino.


Top Reasons to Shop at Campisi Butchery

  1. Campisi Butchery is one of the few trusted meat wholesalers and butchers in Sydney where you can get top quality meats and other high quality ingredients at very reasonable prices.
  2. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values and mission statement. At Campisi Butchery, we research all the available products as well their sources and hand-select the best ones for our customers.
  3. Though it’s time consuming and complicated to source our meat products from several different producers, we believe it’s worth it. This helps us in ensuring that everything we offer to our customers meets the highest standards of quality.


Plan on stopping by from 11 am to 2 pm on 28th of August to taste the best quality meats and learn some amazing culinary tricks from professionals. Come visit the event and get a chance to win a $500 meat tray. We hope to see you there!

Tips from Professional Butchers in Sydney: How to Tell if Lamb Is Fresh

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Mutton, yearling mutton, baby lamb or spring lamb – consumers and butchers in Sydney may call them by different names. Nonetheless, they are one of the best and most popular kinds of meat available owing to their delectable taste. However, like any other kind of meat, their taste will largely be affected by their quality and freshness. If you’re planning to shop for some lamb meat for tonight’s dinner or for the weekend, here are some tips to help ensure that you get fresh and great tasting lamb meat.

Visual Inspection

The first thing that you’ll want to do is to look at the lamb meat for any signs of spoilage. Fresh lamb meat is supposed to have a nice, bright colour. If the colour looks a bit faded or washed out, then there’s a chance that the meat is not fresh. The particular cut or part where the meat came from may affect the colour, but whatever cut or part, it should always have a rich and vibrant colour. In addition, look for any sign of discolouration and spotting. These can be signs that the meat has been mishandled or that it’s old. You should also look at the texture and the grain of the meat and check that it’s tight and uniform. Broken meat grains can also be signs of low quality meat or mishandling. Aside from the meat itself, check the fat which should be white and not yellowish.


If you are satisfied with how the lamb meat looks, that does not mean that you should consider it fresh right away. In fact, there are many scrupulous sellers who will try to sell you lamb meat which have been treated or gassed with carbon monoxide (which makes the meat have this very bright reddish hue). So aside from visual inspection, you should also try smelling the meat. This should be easy if you’re buying from a butcher since the lamb meat is displayed outright, but can be a bit challenging if you’re buying those lamb meat packed in cellophane and Styrofoam in grocery stores. What you can do though is to poke a small hole in the packaging and sniff from there. Fresh lamb meat should have no rancid smell, and the smell shouldn’t be too strong as well.


There are certain benefits of buying lamb meat from a butcher in Sydney instead of a grocery store. In line with the above, you can easily smell the lamb meat and determine if it is fresh or not, and you can also touch the meat with your bare hands – which brings us to the third way of determining if lamb meat is fresh or not. When scrutinizing lamb meat, try pressing the meat and the fat with your fingers. Fresh lamb meat will be firm to the touch, and retain no marks when you remove your fingers (old lamb meat will cave in if you press it). In addition, scrape a portion of the meat with your nails. If you get a slimy film on your nails, then the lamb meat is probably not fresh.

These tips are mostly applicable if you buy lamb meat from free range butchers in Sydney (as opposed to buying them packed and refrigerated from grocery stores). If you’re looking for fresh and excellent lamb, beef, or pork, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122 or visit our shop (shop hours are indicated in our contact page).



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Find the Best Variety of Meat at the Free Range Butcher Shop in Your City



Not many people are aware of the different kinds of meat that their local free range butcher shop typically has. However, there are various categories of each kind of meat. For instance, you could find organic beef as well as free range beef. These sub-categories of meat might not have any effect on the average meat lover. But, knowing which kind of meat you’re consuming could have a profound effect on your health.


What Kinds of Meat Will the Local Free Range Butcher Usually Stock?

When you visit any butchery, you might come across free range, bred free range, organic and sow-stall free products. These terms refer to the manner in which farmers housed or farmed their meat-producing livestock. Free range animals refer to those animals that did not live in close confinement. The meat that these animals produce is fast becoming very popular at many butcher shops across the country.

Free range butchers will usually stock:

  • Free Range Pork: This comes from pigs born and raised with free access to the outdoors. Hence, sows and piglets can access paddocks, without remaining confined in sow stalls or farrowing crates. In contrast, bred free range pork comes from pigs born in a free-range environment, which farmers raised in ecoshelters thereafter.
  • Free Range Poultry: This comes from chicken or turkeys that can move about outdoors during the day. At night, these birds will usually remain in sheds or barns.
  • Free Range Beef and Lamb: Many sheep and beef products come from animals raised extensively in outdoor environments. But, some farmers move these animals to feedlots in the last stages of production for increasing their growth rates. The meat that comes from these animals would usually not be free range meat.


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – The Butcher’s Shop that Offers a Comprehensive Range of Meat Products in Sydney

For many years, Campisi’s Continental Butchery has been the leading provider of meat in Sydney. We’re among the top free range butchers in the city. We specialise in offering an enviable range of traditional Italian and contemporary Australian cuts of meat. From beef to veal, we have it all. In addition, we offer various varieties of specialty meats too. We offer several home-style recipe meals as well. Made with gourmet meats by hand, our range of recipe meals includes pot roast veal, chicken mignons, lamb roulettes etc. For more details, click here.


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Relish Meat Products of the Best Quality at the Local Meat Wholesalers

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Some people typically eat food items for their gastronomical delights. Similarly, others consume various foodstuffs because they are good for health. Whichever category you belong to, the fact remains that meat and various meat products offer numerous health benefits. At the same time, you can make several mouth-watering dishes from meat as well. Therefore, it’s best to purchase your meat supplies from reputed meat wholesalers.


The Best Meat Wholesalers Will Usually Stock the Healthiest Meat Products

Protein is essential for enhancing the metabolism of a person. At the same time, it is vital for the functioning of many of the organs in the body. One of the best ways to increase your intake of proteins is to consume meat regularly. Health experts usually classify meat in two categories i.e. white meat and red meat. The former comes from chicken, turkey and fish. This meat will usually be leaner meat. Red meat usually comprises beef, lamb and mutton. This will usually feature more protein and fat. Some of the healthiest forms of meat include:

  • Poultry: This contains iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Doctors usually recommend chicken and turkey for their low fat content to people eager to lose weight.
  • Beef: This contains high amounts of mono-saturate fats. This fat helps in reducing the bad cholesterol i.e. LDL and boosting the good one i.e. HDL. At the same time, it enhances the blood circulation and the functioning of the nervous system too.
  • Pork: This is one of the tastiest varieties of meat. It contains high levels of protein. However, when consumed excessively, it could add to the fat content in the body.
  • Lamb and Mutton: Both these varieties of meat offer some health benefits. However, they contain numerous fatty acids, which could be unhealthy.


Purchase Fresh and Hygienic Meat from the Best Butchers in Sydney

You might be able to find fresh meat at any meat wholesalers in your neighbourhood. But, not all butchers offer meat that is free of chemicals, growth enhancers and synthetic pesticides. This is why many people only source their meat supplies from Campisi’s Continental Butchery in Sydney. For nearly 40 years, we’ve given our clients the freshest meat products. Moreover, we offer an enviable range of products too. From cured meats to gourmet meats, we have it all. We supply organic meat too. For more details, call us at (02) 9826 6122.


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