4 Considerations to Choose Quality Meats

quality meats


The ability of choosing quality ingredients to prepare a lip-smacking meal is one of the many important qualities of a chef. When it comes to meats, the aroma, taste and texture depends on the quality of meats and other ingredients you use while preparation. Secondly, meat is also an important source of nutrients and provides us high quality protein and a number of vitamins and minerals. Although you can easily buy any pork chop or old steak from your local grocery store or supermarket, shopping at a trusted butcher in Sydney and understanding how to pick the best quality meats go a long way in making you an informed buyer.

Let’s have a look at some tips to buy high quality meats at a butcher shop to make the most of your purchase.

  1. While choosing beef, look for cuts that are firm, a bit moist and red in colour. Instead of judging the quality of meats by just looking at the colour of outer fat layer, examine the ground beef. It should be fresh red in appearance.
  2. Quality pork is firm and greyish pink in colour. Generally, fitness conscious people opt for cuts that contain more lean meat. High quality pork has a layer of firm white fat all over it.
  3. When it comes to lamb, look for meat that is pinkish red and feels firm. Lamb comes with a bit of fat. The exact colour of fat depends on the breed and age of the animal. Generally, the older the animal, darker will be the colour. Lighter colour lamb is relatively tender.
  4. Quality veal meat is greyish pink. Veal meats have a very little fat on them with soft and porous bones.


Storage instructions: If you’re planning to consume your meats later on, make sure you refrigerate or froze the items right after the purchase. Secondly, remember to remove air from the freezer bags, if you are planning to store your meat in them. Even in frozen state, meats can be preserved for only a limited period of time. Generally, beef can be preserved for a much longer time than pork.

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Image Source: Pixabay