Switch to Organic Meat for a Healthier and Tastier Gastronomical Experience

For many people, meat is an essential part of their diet. These people often feel that a meal without any meat is incomplete. Therefore, they would usually not think twice about feasting on a leg of lamb or of consuming an entire salami plate. People across the world might keep debating on the health benefits of white meat as opposed to red meat. However, these individuals would remain undeterred. These individuals might not be unduly concerned about whether they purchase red meat or white meat. However, the one thing that these individuals would do well to heed is whether the meat they are purchasing is organic or not.

What is Organic Meat?

The world over, people are developing a taste and an appreciation for products grown via organic farming techniques. For years, farmers used pesticides and fertilisers indiscriminately. They did so to rid their crops of all kinds of pests. With time, people began to realise the ill effects of these measures. They realised that traces of the harmful chemicals present in these pesticides, were ending up in the food that they consumed. Naturally, this posed a big risk to the health and well-being of people. As a result, they began to purchase products cultivated through organic farming techniques.

Of late, organic farming has also made its presence felt among farmers, who raise livestock for producing organic meat. Organic meat is nothing other than meat obtained from livestock, which farmers raise by giving them only organic feed. Therefore, the food that farmers provide to their livestock as they grow, determines whether the meat produced by the livestock is organic or not.

Producing organic meat is a lot more difficult than producing organic crops. Purchasing organic crops from other farmers is usually expensive. However, finding farmers that cultivate organic crops for feeding livestock is quite difficult. Therefore, farmers often need to grow organic crops themselves. Naturally, this requires a fair degree of investment in tractors, hay machines, grain combines, tillage and planting gear etc. As a result, the organic meat that you find at any organic butchery in Sydney or any other city in Australia, will be more expensive than regular meat.

What is the Difference Between Organic Meat and Regular Meat?

Ironic as it might seem, centuries ago, meat obtained from livestock used to be completely organic in nature. With time, advancements occurred in farming techniques, leading to the increased use of chemicals for eradicating pests. Thus, the meat produced by livestock in the last couple of centuries ceased being completely organic.

The major differences between organic and regular meat is that organic meat:

  • Comes from livestock that ingest feed, which is free from synthetic chemicals, pesticide, insecticides and herbicides
  • Denotes meat that farmers rear without using:
    • Antibiotics and,
    • Growth hormones
  • Is meat reared by farmers in conditions that are as close as possible to their natural environment and,
  • Comes from livestock, who receive a healthy diet of organic maize, corn or natural grazing pastures

Are You Looking for a Butcher in Sydney that Stocks Organic Meat?

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