Cooking the Perfect Steak

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Before you even start cooking your Meat you need to choose the Perfect cut or perhaps a Favourite that you already have for me I can’t go past the Rib-eye on the bone.

Something to look out for when buying meat (steak) is the marbling this helps keep the steak juicy by melting during the cooking process. Make sure that the fat is a nice white colour, if it’s a little yellow that’s usually because the meat is old.

Okay so you have your steak now, before you put it on the heat make sure that it has come to room temperature and you have Pat it down with some kitchen paper.  Rub your steak with some good quality olive oil and season well with Salt and Pepper I Prefer to use Flaked Sea Salt as it has a much more natural Taste.

Make sure that your Cooking Surface is extremely hot, smoking hot before you put the steak down.

Let the Meat develop good colour almost like a brown salty crust once this happens depending on the thickness you either want to turn it or turn the heat down, Always Remembering Only Turn Your Meat Once, this will promote even cooking and if it’s a thick steak this is what you want. If your steak is say 2 cm thick it will be rare after about 2 to 3 minutes on each side, medium after 4 and well done after 5 to 6 minutes but we all know that’s just killing your steak.

Rest your Steak, this is very important it helps relax the meat. Usually about half the cooking time in a warm place and loosely covered.

Rare – 60 Degrees

Medium Rare – 65 to 67

Medium – 70 to 72

Well done – 75 to 80