Premium Quality Meats Are the Best Providers of Vital Nutrients

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Relishing various meat-based dishes is certainly a gastronomical delight. However, eating meat is not merely about pleasure and indulging yourself. Rather, it is one of the ways by which you can give your body all the essential nutrients that constitute a balanced diet. Quality meats contain numerous vitamins and proteins, which are highly beneficial. It is a fact that many people adopt vegan or vegetarian diets and don’t seem to suffer from any diseases. Nevertheless, medical research shows that having meat in your diet can be beneficial to your mind and body.


How to Purchase the Best Quality Meats from the Local Butchery

When you want to purchase the best quality meat, ensure that you:

  • Know which cut (or part of the animal) the meat is from as luxury cuts of meat will be tenderer and costlier than the working cuts of meat
  • Know whether you want the bone in or out: keeping the bone helps the meat cook faster as bones help radiate heat through the meat
  • Pick cuts of meat with flecks of fat (or marbling) throughout when purchasing luxury cuts
  • Smell the meat to ensure that it doesn’t smell rancid or stale
  • Poke the meat to see that it’s firm; fresh meat will give a little under pressure without losing its shape
  • Know whether to purchase large or small portions – storing larger portions can be problematic, even if it works out to be more economical and cost effective
  • Purchase pink coloured chicken and pork or beef that is dark red in colour and,
  • Avoid purchasing any kind of meat that is grey in colour


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – The Butcher’s Shop that Provides Fresh, Hygienic and Organic Meat in Sydney

For nearly 39 years, Campisi’s Continental Butchery has built up a formidable reputation for providing top quality meats in Sydney. Quality is at the core of our business. So, we ensure that we procure our supplies from the leading suppliers and breeders. In particular, we purchase only the prime stock from these suppliers. This enables us to provide you with fresh and hygienic meat. We specialise in providing over 100 different types of cuts of meats to the general public as well as to over 30 local restaurants and delicatessens. This attests to the high quality standards of our products. Click here to view the meat we typically stock.


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