Organic Butcher in Sydney – A Brief Guide to Be an Informed Buyer

organic butcher in Sydney


The main reason why people feel intimidated wile going to an organic butcher in Sydney is that they have little idea about the meat buying process. Well, the good news is that by choosing an organic butcher in Sydney for your meats, you’ve already made a great decision. The key is; just refuse to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available these days in gourmet meats. Let’s have a look at some effective tips that will surely help you become an expert meat buyer within minutes.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – Try to find out what the source of the meat is and what the animals were fed. Any reliable organic butcher in Sydney will be more than happy to let his customers know the source of the meat and whether animal were humanly raised or not. Moreover, feed has a lot of influence on the taste and flavour of the meat, apart from keeping animals healthy and disease free. For instance there’s a lot of difference in the flavour of beef sourced from animals that are grass-fed and animals fed on grains.
  2. Save money – There are in fact many ways to save money on your meat expenses. The trick is to plan ahead. For instance if your meat wholesalers are offering you huge discounts on certain products, you can stock up as much as possible in your freezer. While preparing meat recipes, you can also add certain delicious vegetables to make your meat last longer. You can also ask your butcher for thinner slices of meat. You can use these thinner pieces on sandwiches with a lot of other ingredients.
  3. Inquire – Many times, buyers don’t exactly find the cuts they need for a specific recipe, so they leave the shop without even asking the butcher. A lot of times, these cuts are available with the butchers but are sold under different names. Moreover, any established organic butcher in Sydney will be happy to prepare something exactly according to your requirements.

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