Salami is a form of cured meat that originates in Southern Europe, although variations can be found across the world. In addition, versions under different names, can be widely found in eastern Europe. The European version of salami has traveled the globe and is popular in many regions. The meat used in creating salami is only Pork . The process of curing salami involves mixing raw meat along with herbs and spices and then stuffed into a natural casing and the salami is then left to air-cure.


Risotto with Salami:

Creamy and light risotto is well complimented by the deeper, rich taste of salami. Wild boar of beef salami make a tasty addition to any risotto. Although cured it’s worth cooking the salami lightly – fried for a few minutes. Remove from the pan and use the remaining juices to start the risotto rice. Use a light stock, with a little dry white wine to cook the risotto rice and add chestnut mushrooms to compliment the salami.

Pea, salami and linguine:

Like any cured meat, salami is also great with pasta. For a simple and very quick pasta dish cook linguine, add salt, pepper and garlic, to taste, along fresh peas. Toss the linguine and salami together in extra virgin olive oil and serve while hot!