Lamb Loin Chops



Lamb loin chops are cut from the rear of a young sheep. These cuts are larger than rib chops and are more tender, because they contain very little muscle. In fact these chops contain the least amount of connective tissue compared to other lamb cuts, which makes it easy to cook. Without these connective tissue, meat with this type of cut cooks quickly and stays tender. This means that you can cook loin chops a variety of ways such as on high heat, on the grill, broil in the oven and more.


Grilled Lamb Chops:

Heat your gas grill to a medium temperature. Coat the lamb chops in salt, pepper, oil, thyme and rosemary, then place the meat on the grill and let it stand for at least 3 minutes on each side. Turn each chop 3 times for nice, medium to rare lamb chops.

Broiled Lamb chops:

Set your oven to broil. Then in a small pot simmer a mixture of sugar, rosemary, garlic and vinegar for 10 minutes into a sauce. When it begins to thicken remove the garlic. Place seasoned chops to broil with salt and pepper for 5 minutes on each side in an open roasting pan. Drizzle sauce over the top of each chop and serve