This is perhaps one of the most in demand types of grilling steak from around the world because it is well flavored, and tender. Rump steak is cut just past the sirloin section of the cow towards the rear. The rump steak is usually less expensive than a sirloin cut but still carries great marbling and flavor. While the sirloin cut seems to be one of the more popular choices for fine dining, rump steak carries the same notes of flavor and is finding its way into the kitchens of many restaurants.


Braised Rump steak:

Braising the rump steak is one of the best ways that you can tenderize the meat and ensure that the fat makes its way throughout the leaner sections of the meat producing better flavor and texture. The best way to produce a braised rump steak is to marinate the steak overnight with plastic wrap and a dry rub seasoning. Boil the meat for 20 min. with sliced onions and then drizzle oil over the meat pan frying it in the stock from the boiling process. Place the steaks into the oven on low heat for 40 min. to simmer in a half cup of stock to produce a fantastic flavor.

Rump steak and potato salad:

Rump steak on the barbecue can be a quality treat as well. Season the steak with salt and pepper and pair it with a freshly prepared potato salad and asparagus for a great backyard summer barbecue.