Eye Fillet



Eye Fillet steak is also known as the tenderloin portion of the animal. Beef tenderloin is cut from the loin section of the steak and is usually cut into thick, long logs or in an oblong shape for smaller steaks. The oblong shape is where the name eye fillet comes from. These steaks are perfect for cooking filet mignon, small steak dishes and for tender beef ingredients.


Lightly Marinated Eye Fillet:

Because this cut of meat is already extremely tender, marinating it incorrectly can actually ruin the texture of the meat. Avoid using acidic marinades if you want to flavor your meet without ruining the texture. You also need to carefully schedule the amount of time that you marinade the steak. Choose olive oil as a base for your marinade and let the steak sit for only about an hour before grilling it. This can add excellent flavor and ensure that you get a nice coating around the steak as it cooks.

Filet mignon:

With the perfect eye fillet you can make a great filet mignon. These steaks need to be cut roughly one or 2 inches thick and be about 3 inches in diameter. The steaks are extremely tender and great wrapped in bacon. In most cases you will nned to use an au jus sauce or flavoring sauce, as these cuts of meat are not well marbled, or as flavorful naturally. Adding a hint of flavor is paramount. Pan juices and toppings work well for producing a great filet mignon.