Get Acquainted with and Develop a Taste for the Choicest Veal

Pot Roast Veal Osso Buco

Having meat in at least one meal during the day is a habit that many people cannot get rid of. Many people and researches make claims and counter-claims about the health benefits of eating meat or avoiding it. However, a meat dish can enhance the enjoyment quotient of a meal by several notches. From portions of chicken to various cuts of beef, there are sufficient types of meat available at the local butchery. Each kind of meat has a distinctive taste. Therefore, different kinds of meat could suit people with various palates. However, in recent times, people have developed a taste for veal. If you were to attend a dinner party with various meat dishes, you would not be surprised to see items like the pot roast veal adorning the dinner table.

What is Veal?

People refer to the flesh of a slaughtered calf as veal. Typically, veal denotes the meat obtained by slaughtering calves that are six weeks to three months old. Sometimes, butchers kill calves that are younger than six weeks old. However, this meat (called bob veal) will be poor in quality. In addition, it will be tough and hence, indigestible. Therefore, you must avoid purchasing such veal meat.

In case butchers do not slaughter the calf once it becomes three months old, they must keep the calf and fatten it. This is because the calf is too old to produce veal meat. Instead, they must keep the calf until it matures and reaches an age, where it can produce beef.

If you were to compare veal with beef, you would find that veal is lighter in colour. In many cases, veal will be more pink than red. In addition, veal will not contain much fat. In addition, the tissues present in veal often do not contain as much nutriment as beef does. However, the tissues of veal will contain more gelatin. Lastly, beef will have a more pronounced flavour than veal. You must keep these distinctive traits in mind, when you go shopping for veal.

Tips to Help You Identify Veal that You Must Not Purchase

Many people pay a great deal of attention when they purchase meat. However, as purchasing veal is not very common, it is worth noting down certain aspects that you must look for when you purchase veal from your free range butcher. Avoid purchasing veal if you find that:

  • The flesh is very moist or watery
  • The meat appears grey or reddish in colour
  • There is too much outside fat and inner marbling – aspects that indicate that the farmer overfed the calf
  • The bones appear white or grey in colour, thereby indicating that the calf was over three months old
  • The flesh has yellowish outside fat
  • The flesh appears sinewy

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