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Many would argue that the best cuts of beef for steaks come from the rib and loin areas. However, bear in mind that they also tend to be the most expensive ones. But if you want to have great steak without having to dig deep into your pocket, consider other cuts. Take a look at the chuck steak for instance.

The chuck sits above the rib and includes part of the beef shoulder. They are one of the most reasonably priced of all the cuts of beef cooked as steaks. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not flavourful because they actually are.

However, chuck steaks are kind of tough or not as tender as other cuts of beef. One reason for this is that there are a number of intersecting muscles in it. This causes the grain to change several times in a single cut.

There are several ways to get around this issue though. For instance, some people marinate chuck steaks to tenderize it before cooking. Also, experienced butchers apply certain cutting and carving techniques when preparing these cuts of beef. This helps reduce the number of intersecting grains in a single cut, thus reducing the toughness level.

Also, applying proper grilling and cooking techniques will ensure its tenderness. Thus, when it comes to chuck steaks, try to stay within the medium rare or medium range.

Chuck steaks come in several varieties, and though they are all good, some varieties are simply better than others. Some beef meat wholesalers and butchers may label these in different names. However, they all come from the same section mentioned above.

All in all, cooking or grilling chuck steaks will require more attention and care than other cuts of beef. However, when you consider their price and what you get for it, it actually makes good value for money.

To ensure that you get good quality chuck steaks, be sure to get them from knowledgeable butchers. They know how to properly carve chuck steaks that ensures tenderness. Also, take the time to learn how to properly grill a chuck steak. Again, chuck steaks require a different cooking and grilling approach compared to other cuts of beef.

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