Cured Meats Come In Many Forms

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People love cured meats for how they are easy to prepare and serve. They are great on their own or when placed on sandwiches. The assorted variety of these meats you could find today includes many options that fit everyone’s taste.

Traditional Sausage Forms

Many cured meats are made with sausage layouts. The cervelat is popular for mixing bacon, beef and pork sausages. The chorizo entails fatty pork that is coarsely ground.

Summer Sausage Is a Hit

Summer sausage is one of the more appealing meats to get from an Italian butchery. This features pork and beef sausage made with garlic and mustard. This is fermented while cured to add a more detailed flavor.

Bologna Works Well

Bologna is a good meat that is cured with garlic among other spices. This contains pork or beef ground into a sausage which is then smoked. This produces a fine flavor that fits perfectly on a sandwich.

Mixes Work Well

Some cured meats are made with carefully prepared mixes. Zungenwurst is a good option to use. It is a blood sausage that is aired with pig or beef tongue bits in the middle. Head cheese is also noteworthy for feature pig head meat with garlic mixed into a gelatin loaf.

Liverwurst Is Popular

Liverwurst is another cured item to find. This is a sausage made with bacon and pork liver. It can be ground up and spread onto various surfaces.

Ham Can Be Cured Too

Don’t forget to look at how well ham can be cured. It could be prepared in coppa when it is dried and rubbed with spices. Culatello is also great to have if you can find a boneless cut of ham. Jamon Iberico is also great for coming in slim strips and for being aged for a while. It takes about two years for that kind of cured ham product to be made ready though.

Check out all of these cured meats if you are looking for something attractive to serve at a special event. Contact Campisi Butchery to see what you can order today.

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