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Joints of meat are easy to obtain at just about any butchery in your neighbourhood. However, in some cases, people do not want to purchase the commonplace kinds of meat. They want to sample some exotic meat products that are not as easy to find. For instance, salumi is easy to find in almost any butchery in Italy. But if you were to go looking for the best providers of salumi in Sydney, you might find yourself struggling to locate any Italian butchery in the vicinity. This is because the local butcheries usually stock only certain meat products. As such, only reputed butcheries would be able to stock imported varieties of meat and meat products.

Authentic Salumi – Easily Found in Reputed Sydney Butcheries as it is in Any Italian Butchery

Many people confuse salumi with salami. The two are certainly not synonymous. Salumi refers to a family of Italian cured meat products. It bears more than a passing semblance to the popular French charcuterie. Salami, in contrast, is a kind of dry, cured meat produced in Italy.

Many butchers in Italy use specialised and traditional techniques for producing traditional salumi. Oftentimes, these individuals rely on certain unique methods for curing meat to ensure that it’s available throughout the year. In many cases, these techniques focus on seasoning the meat well. The seasoning gives the salumi its distinctive flavour. It prevents the meat from going bad as well. These preservation techniques could include the use of salt, while drying, fermenting, smoking or cooking the meat to eliminate the bacteria. Typically, Italians enjoy platters of salumi as appetizers. Occasionally, they might even use salumi as ingredients in various Italian recipes.

Campisi’s Continental Butchery – The Leading Butcher Shop in Sydney

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