Pork Sausages

Fresh Pork Sausages are a staple in any Italian household. With their versatility, they can be incorporated into a multitude of dishes, each bringing a distinct style and flavor profile.


To start, these sausages can be savored in their simplest form. You can either cook them on a barbecue grill to accentuate their smoky undertones or pan-fry them to a juicy finish. They can be enjoyed solo to appreciate their robust flavors or served in a crusty bread roll for a hearty sausage sandwich.


However, the versatility of fresh Pork Sausages doesn’t end there. They are also fantastic additions to a variety of dishes, providing a depth of flavor and added protein. Consider adding sliced sausages to pasta sauces or risottos, where they lend a robust, meaty flavor.


They can also be incorporated into paella, complementing the rice and seafood with their unique taste. Alternatively, use them as the star ingredient in savory pastry dishes like sausage rolls.


At Campisi Butchery, we offer Pork Sausages in three popular flavors: Fennel, Hot Chili, and Mild Pork. The fennel sausages bring a hint of anise-like sweetness, the hot chili offers a satisfying kick for those who prefer a bit of heat, and the mild pork variety caters to those who enjoy the pure, unadulterated flavor of quality pork.


Our sausages are typically crafted short and plump, ensuring maximum juiciness and flavor retention. No matter the flavor preference at your dinner table, our range of fresh Pork Sausages is sure to bring joy and satisfaction to everyone’s palate.

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