Chicken and Baby Spinach Rice


  1. Start by cutting 4 chicken thigh fillets into bite-sized pieces approximately 2cm x 2cm in size. Season the chicken pieces with salt, pepper, a dash of paprika, minced garlic, and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix well to ensure that the chicken is evenly coated with the seasonings.
  2. For the rice, you have the freedom to choose your preference, either a mix of black and white rice, or any other type that suits your taste. Add the rice to a pot of boiling water seasoned with a pinch of salt. Allow the rice to cook until tender, then strain and set it aside.
  3. Next, heat a wok or large frying pan and cook the seasoned chicken until it turns golden brown. Once the chicken is cooked, add the cooked rice to the wok. Mix in a generous handful of fresh baby spinach leaves.
  4. To enhance the flavor of the dish, add a small amount of soy sauce. Stir everything together to make sure the sauce evenly coats the rice and chicken.
  5. Your Chicken and Baby Spinach Rice is now ready. Serve it immediately while still warm for the best taste and enjoyment.
Chicken and baby spinach rice

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