At Campisi’s Continental Butchery P/L we know that our quality products is what makes us successful. Our products speak for themselves. We believe that a great cut of meat should evoke all 5 senses of the customer. Which are:

Touch, the meat should feel nice and tender to the touch.

Taste, the meat needs to taste delicious, fresh, juicy and full of flavour.

Sight, should have a great colour, not dull or colourless and appealing to the eye.

Smell, a bad smell is a tell-sign of bad quality. The meat should smell clean and fresh.

Our team tries to offer advice that’s both informative and helpful, more importantly, our team tries to listen to each of our customer’s request and needs.

Touching on these five senses is what keeps our customers coming back again and again.

We are always willing to specially order or prepare any requests within availability. Specialty meats like Wagyu, Halal, and organic meats are all available upon your request.