Wine Pairings for Leg of Lamb and other Lamb Meat



Lamb is indeed one of the most wine-friendly meats available from an organic butcher in Sydney. For the most part, lamb meat goes very well with many kinds and brands of wine. However, if you are really looking for that perfect pair or a spot on match, then you’ll find the following very helpful in your quest.


Baby Lamb

An absolutely delicious delicacy, though more popular in countries like Spain and Italy. Baby lamb is a top favorite and finding a wine to pair it with is not as difficult as one would normally think. In general, baby lamb works well with top quality fine wines like Bordeaux or Burgundy, especially when they are mature (a few years’ bottle age is often sufficient).


Spring Lamb

Lamb cutslike racks and leg of lamb are the kind of dishes that many people love seeing on their dinenr table. If you’re planning to cook some of these, you’ll need some good wines to pair it with. Like the above, Bordeaux and burgundy work fine with these cuts. Aside from those, a nice bottle of Pinot Noir or cru Beaujolais also makes a great pairing. If you want to serve champagne though, then a dry rose or vintage rose champagne is recommended.


Roast Lamb

Roasted lamb meat is another favorite of many customers, and they usually cook it from medium-rare to well-done. They also often serve it with garlic, rosemary or wine based sauce. If this is how you intend to cook and serve your lamb, then you may want to consider pairing it with wines that are fruity and young. Some examples would include cabernet, rioja reserve or a chianti classico.


Barbequed Lamb

The wine pairing for this type of cooking would largely depend on the rub or marinade that you used. For instance, if you used a rather spicy rub or marinade, then you’ll want to look for wines that have fruity tastes like a pinotage or an Australian shiraz. On the other hand, if the lamb has been marinated with lemans and herbs, then something more acidic should be considered. Some examples would be Italian reds like chianti and barbera.

As can be gleaned from the above paragraphs, there will be many factors that needs to be considered when pairing wines with leg of lamb and other types and cuts of lamb meat. You’ll need to consider how you’re going to cook the lamb, how long you’ll be cooking it, and even the age of the lamb.

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Image Source: Jax House / Flickr

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