Why You Must Consider Switching to Organic Meat – the Healthier Meat

Zestfulness is something that many people experience, when it comes to life. That is why many people focus on leading healthier lives. They know that a healthy mind and body are unbeatable assets, inestimable in value. Therefore, from eating fresh fruits and vegetables to gourmet meats, these people take proper care of their diets. Over the years, many nutritionists and researchers have come up with various facts that enable people to lead healthier lives.

In recent times, people have gained an appreciation of consuming natural and healthy food i.e. organic food. They have come to realise that the traditional food consumed is not entirely natural. It contains various chemicals, some of which might be counterproductive for their health and wellbeing. As a result, people have switched to organic food.

Organic foods denote foods produced using natural and environmentally safe processes. Thus, farmers typically avoid using chemical fertilisers and pesticides at any stage of producing these food products. Naturally, producing organic food has a cost associated with it. However, given that people value their health over money, this is just a minor concern. In recent times, the popularity of organic food has also resulted in a growing demand for organic meat.

What is Organic Meat?

Similar to organic crops produced in the farm, organic meat denotes meat produced in accordance with certain rules and regulations. Farmers supplying organic meat ensure that they do not use any toxic substances for stimulating the growth of their livestock. Therefore, these farmers do not give high-protein food to their animals. In addition, they take every precaution to ensure that the animal does not suffer stress, which could reduce the quality of the meat. Some butchers supply organic meat and ensure that their cured meats comprise organic meat as well.

However, organic meat does not just involve giving the animal a proper diet. It also extends to ensuring that the cattle feed is organic as well. Thus, these farmers typically produce their own cereals and fodder – using entirely natural processes. Only by doing this can they ensure that the cattle feed is organic. Thus, from the cultivation of the cattle feed to the rearing of the animal, these farmers ensure that all processes are organic and environment friendly.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that following organic practices demands intensive physical effort. It takes a lot of time as well. As a result, not every butcher will stock organic meat. Similarly, not every individual would be able to purchase organic meat regularly, as it is more expensive than regular meat. However, the health benefits of organic meat are more than sufficient to offset the price factor.

Why You Must Consider Purchasing Only Organic Meat

Organic meat is certainly healthy. It might be easier to find a butcher who supplies various meat products like a salumi plate. However, finding a butcher who supplies fresh organic meat in your city can be tough. Similarly, some people might find it hard to fit in regular purchases of organic meat into their budgets. However, organic meat offers various benefits. Therefore, you must actively consider switching to organic meat because:

  • Organic meat is free from antibiotics, hormones, chemically-laced feed and other drugs, thereby providing greater health benefits
  • Organic meat indicates that the farmers took adequate care of the animals, including treating them in a more humane and ethical manner, which is not the case in mass-produced non-organic meat
  • Organic meat comes from free range animals that are healthier, because they consume a well-rounded diet
  • Organic meat supplies come from farmers who adopt environment-friendly means through each process – including using the manure produced by the animals for fertilising the soil
  • Organic meat stems from environment-friendly procedures that reduce the chemicals used in the land, which in turn, means safer water, topsoil layers etc.

In addition, organic meat is slightly costlier than non-organic meat. However, by purchasing it you support the farmers providing this meat, thereby encouraging them to continue providing high quality organic meat.

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