Why People Are Increasingly Purchasing Organic Meat from Meat Wholesalers in Australia



Zeroing in on the best meat wholesalers in your neighbourhood is not something that many people pay much attention to. When they require fresh meat, they will usually visit the local butcher to obtain their supplies. This might be very convenient. However, if your local butchery does not offer organic meat products, then it might be best to source your supplies from an organic butcher.


Why the Best Meat Wholesalers Ensure that they Stock Organic Meat

In the past, many farmers used a combination of natural and synthetic hormones for fattening their livestock. These individuals typically did this for generating profits. With time, researchers found that many of these hormones created imbalances in the human body after consumption. In many cases, the imbalance was sufficient enough to lead to the development of cancer. Because of this, the demand for organic meat products began to increase.

Organic meats are among the best sources of healthy animal protein. This is because:

  • Farmers rear these animals organically
  • Farmers give these animals feed that is organic in nature
  • Farmers give their animals access to pasture lands for grazing and,
  • Farmers give their cattle the appropriate levels of shade, shelter, fresh air, direct sunlight and ample space to move about in

When people consume this meat, they will derive various health benefits such as:

  • A reduced risk of inflammations, heart attacks and strokes
  • Better levels of cardiovascular health and brain function and,
  • A better chance to lose weight given that organic meat contains higher levels of fat and protein that eliminate the need to snack frequently


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – The Top Butcher to Provide Fresh Organic Meat in Sydney

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