Whip Up Sumptuous and Delightful Fare with the Best Kinds of Cured Meats


cured meat


A number of people enjoy consuming some form of meat in at least one meal each day. Preparing these dishes will typically consume a lot of time. This is why many people prefer purchasing cured meats. These meats often have a distinctive flavour that appeals to many meat lovers. In addition, you can prepare these items quickly in a myriad of ways. When time is at a premium, these meat products could be ideal for serving at the dinner table.


Which Cured Meats Are Among the Most Popular in Australia?

For the uninitiated, curing is a food preservation and flavouring process. People use this for preserving various perishable items including meat, fish and vegetables. Without access to a temperature-controlled environment, meat can go bad very easily. This is why people use salt, sugar, nitrate or nitrite for dehydrating the food of its moisture content. As such, curing the meat makes the meat dry, which in turn, makes it last for much longer. Over time, the chemical process imparts a strong flavour to the meat, which the fresher product does not have.

Some of the most popular forms of cured meat comprise:

  • Prosciutto di Parma: Italians regard this as the only true form of prosciutto
  • Bresaola: This dark red cut of beef is one of the leanest types of cured meat
  • Speck: In terms of flavour and texture, this meat bears a close semblance to bacon
  • Salami: Butchers stuff ground meat and seasonings in a casing and hang it to cure to produce this all-time popular meat product
  • Porchetta: This boneless pork roast makes a great sandwich meat or an entree


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