What Makes Venison One of the Best Gourmet Meats Around?



Venison is a very popular meat to check out when you are looking for fine gourmet options. It entails any kind of meat that may come from the deer. It is very versatile as it can be served on a party tray or be prepared for a sandwich. But what is it about venison that makes it so popular?

A Leaner Option

Venison is popular for how it offers a leaner body. It has a composition nearly identical to that of traditional beef. However, it is leaner than beef. It contains only about 2 to 5 percent fat before it is cooked. This still comes with about 20 percent of its body consisting of protein, thus adding an outstanding layout.

A Little Tougher

This meat is also known for being tougher than other gourmet meats. The meat does well when it is slow cooked as it often takes a bit of time for the meat to be cooked up right and prepared well enough.

Mixes In Well With Other Meats

Vension can also go with other meats if desired. For instance, the meat could be served whole with a bacon-wrapped layout. This adds a nice border while adding a more detailed flavor. You could also mix it with other gourmet meats on a party tray like dried salami. This works best if the meat has been drained.

Works Well With Extended Draining Process

It takes an extra bit of time for this meat to drain. It has a greater water content than many other meats. This means it takes more for the meat to dry out. But when prepared naturally and with a mild bit of heat, it becomes easier for the meat to be ready to serve. It is especially easy to trim off any excess fat deposits along the meat if handled properly enough.

Venison is an exciting meat to look for when finding something fancy for any special event. Check out Campisi Butchery to see how well this can be prepared for your desires.