An Organic Butcher Sydney Must Work With Many Standards For Its Meats

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Organic meats are among the best ones for butchers in Sydney to provide to customers. But several standards have to be met for an organic butcher Sydney to work with meats that can actually be considered organic. These standards ensure that a meat is truly made with care.


No Chemicals Involved

An organic butcher Sydney diners can enjoy must take care of its meats without the use of any harmful chemicals. These include pesticides used on farms where animals are raised or antibiotics that are often used when feeding animals. The key is to allow animals to grow and thrive on their own.


Free Range Support

Quality meats are often prepared on free range farms. This means that animals being raised for meats are kept outside of cages and in larger farm fields where they can grow and thrive. This produces meats that are easier to enjoy and use.


Preparations Are Handled Naturally

The processes a butcher uses for packaging and preparing meats should be supported without any additives. The problem with many chemical additives is that they can impact the quality of one’s meat. By using natural salt and other organic compounds, it becomes easier for meats to be preserved and packaged without adding any chemicals or otherwise negatively impacting the meat.


No Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is often used by butchers to help with producing better animals. This could be dangerous though as the quality of the meats in such animals might be suspect. Those animals might not grow as well as they should. An organic butcher will always work with strict standards where one does not accept anything that has been genetically engineered. Besides, it is often easier to work around quality meats that has been organically produced.

The rules for an organic butcher Sydney residents may contact are important to see with regards to getting quality meats prepared. By using such rules, it becomes easier for a butcher to offer only the finest meats to people around the city.

Gourmet Butcher: What’s a Spatchcock?

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If you’ve ever gone to a gourmet butcher shop, you’ve probably seen on of those ‘spatchcocks’ in the chicken section. At first glance, it would look like a normal dressed chicken—that is, until you take a closer look.


What’s a Spatchcock?

In general, a spatchcock is a young chicken (usually three weeks of age) that is prepared by means of spatchcocking. However, it should be noted that other types of poultry can be spatchcocked as well. A skilled gourmet butcher can spatchcock quails and other small birds and poultry whose bones aren’t difficult to cut through.


How Do You Spatchcock Poultry?

Spatchcocking refers to a specific way of preparing chicken, quail, and other small birds and poultry. In general, a gourmet butcher makes use of a strong pair of kitchen shears as their primary tool in spatchcocking. If you’re interested in spatchcocking your own chicken, you’re going to need a similar tool. Here’s how you go about in doing it.

First, place the chicken breast facing down on a chopping board. Using the shears, cut away the backbone of the chicken. The backbone is discarded—unless you can think of other uses for it. Lastly, flatten the chicken by pressing down on it. And that’s basically it.

Sure, you can spatchcock your own chicken at home. But why go through all that trouble when you can buy spatchcocks readily at the meat shop? If there aren’t any, try asking the gourmet butcher to spatchcock a chicken or poultry from one of their displays.


Why Buy Spatchcock?

There are many reasons why spatchcocks are one of the most favoured quality meats. For one, they provide for a quicker cooking time. This is true whether you grill, broil or roast them.

But perhaps the most important reason why spatchcocks are so popular is because of their taste profile. Because of the chicken’s young age, spatchcocks are more tender and succulent when they are cooked. Also, they have a more delicate texture and flavour compared to the regular dressed chicken. This taste profile is what puts them along the roster of other quality meats.

There are certain issues that you need to be aware of though when grilling or roasting spatchcocks. That is, they tend to dry out easily. To keep this from happening, be sure to marinate the spatchcocks first before putting them in the grill or in the oven.

If you’re looking for fresh and delicious spatchcocks or other quality meats, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122 or visit our shop (shop hours are indicated in our contact page).

Get Premium Quality Steaks from Your Local Butcher Shop

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Quality meat products are not always easy to find. Most neighbourhoods in each city of Australia will typically feature a number of butcher shops. But, not all butcheries offer a diverse range of products. This is why it’s best to look around before you find a butcher shop that meets all your requirements. The best butcheries will not only offer the freshest and finest cuts of meat. They will also supply an enviable range of products including steaks, cured and gourmet meats.


How to Buy the Best Steaks from the Butcher Shop in Your Neighbourhood

Cuts that are ideal for steaks will be tender and feature lots of marbling. Some of the best cuts of beef for steak will usually come from:

  • The Tenderloin
  • The top sirloin
  • The T-Bone and,
  • The rib eye or the entrecote


Butcheries and supermarkets usually offer a wide range of steaks. Look for steaks that feature the terms ‘rib’, ‘strip’ or ‘loin’ in the name. Similarly, for tender and flavourful steaks, look for little flecks of fat that occur naturally in the muscle of the meat. Known as marbling, these flecks of fat serve to enhance the flavour of the meat considerably.

Some butcheries might classify their steaks with the terms ‘prime’, ‘choice’ and ‘select’. In this scenario, opt for ‘prime’ quality steaks for the best quality steaks, followed by ‘choice’ and then, select’. Similarly, supermarkets might necessitate purchasing readymade steaks of the standard thickness. However, visit your local butchery to get steaks of the right thickness – approximately 1.5 inches. Lastly, consider dry-aged beef steaks as opposed to wet-aged ones. This is because dry-aged beef steaks will usually have concentrated flavours while being tenderer.


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – Your One-Stop Destination for All Kinds of Quality Meats

Campisi’s Continental Butchery is the most famous butcher shop in West Hoxton, NSW. We specialise in providing all kinds of Italian & Australian cuts of meat, in addition to a myriad of meat products. A family owned and operated business, we can give you any cut of beef, pork, veal, lamb, goat and poultry. When you shop with us, you can expect to receive the finest and the freshest meat and meat-based products. The quality of our products has made us the supplier of choice to over 30 local restaurants and delicatessens in the area. For more information, call us at (02) 9826 6122.


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Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Gourmet Butcher in Sydney

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There are several reasons behind the demise of experienced butchers and meat wholesalers in Sydney. One of the most prominent ones is the lack of training received by young butchers these days. As the most trusted gourmet butcher in Sydney, we at Campisi butchery are proud of our fully trained and qualified butchers who leave no stone unturned to deliver just the highest quality meats to our customers.

As we are one of the oldest and successful butchers operating in Sydney, we make sure that we pass our knowledge to our younger butchers in carefully designed training programs. Butchering is an art that requires a great deal of practice, patience and mentoring for one to become proficient in it. In our training programs, we impart precisely this knowledge to our butchers, so that our customers get the best value for their money.

At Campisi Butchery, our long term clients trust us for our quality meats. We know how to break down the animals so that our customers get the best out of their meat products.


Campisi Butchery: What Makes Us Different? 

Most ordinary meat wholesalers and butchers today do not pay much attention to the cutting and quality of their meats. Corporate companies have big processing units that produce mediocre quality products on an industrial scale. This is also the reason why you don’t see many experienced local butcher shops these days.

Butchers at Campisi Butchery use their skill and in-depth knowledge to offer quality that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

Unmatched Services: Any trusted gourmet butcher knows the importance of delivering reliable services. So, you can expect a personalised shopping experience at well established butcher shops like Campisi Butchery. Passionate butchers just want it to be your best culinary experience ever. To achieve this goal, they can go to any length. They can suggest you less expensive alternatives if you’re short on budget; give you time saving cooking tips and offer you best quality cuts you can find anywhere.

In case, you’ve any question regarding the quality of our meats, product range or source of our meats, feel free to contact our friendly butchers at Campisi Butchery right away.


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How to Choose the Best Butcher Shop and Meat Wholesalers in Sydney?

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Whether you’re looking to buy meat for your home cooking or you’re going to start a new restaurant, by shopping at trusted meat wholesalers you can get the freshest meat at a very reasonable price. Most of the successful restaurants rely on well established meat wholesalers, such as Campisi Butchery, to get best quality meats.

If you love cooking your own meat, a trustworthy butcher shop in Sydney can provide you with a far better quality meat than what’s available in the supermarkets nowadays. As some of the most experienced butchers in Sydney, we would like our customers to keep in mind a few things.

  • Never compromise on the quality just to save a few dollars. When you switch to good meat wholesalers and butchers, you’ll instantly notice what you were missing. Excellent cuts, great taste, more nutrition value, and most importantly, unmatched customer care and personalised services – these are only some of the perks of shopping at Campisi Butchery.
  • The prices of various cuts available at a good butcher shop are almost the same as that in supermarkets, but the quality is far superior. What’s more, if you’ve any special requirements, just let your friendly butcher know about the same, they’ll do everything to make it happen.


Why Choose Campisi Butchery?

  • Campisi Butchery is one of Sydney’s most trusted and renowned meat wholesalers and butchers. Campisi Butchery specialises in a huge variety of quality meats that are procured from well trusted and traceable sources. This butcher shop can also provide you with rare unique cuts that taste almost the same as their expensive counterparts.
  • Campisi Butchery is one meat wholesaler you have to know for all types of quality meats in Sydney. It enjoys a great reputation because of its excellent sourcing abilities and highly competitive pricing.
  • Most long-term clients love the outstanding flexibility and levels of after sales service of Campisi Butchery that can also provide you with personalised cuts should the need arise.


And there you have it, a handy guide to get the best quality meats in Sydney right within your budget. Campisi Butchery started with a single goal – to provide its clients with the finest meats at the most competitive price regardless of their requirements. For more guidance, get in touch with friendly butchers at Campisi Butchery today!



Where the Many Cuts of Beef From?

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A gourmet butcher will always work with all parts of one’s cattle when finding the right cuts of beef. There are many areas on the cattle’s body where some of the best quality meats can come from.



The chuck is around the shoulder and neck of the cattle. It works well when it is cooked slowly. Flat iron steaks and chuck roasts are especially popular meats to have here.



The round is around the back part of the cattle and is a little fattier than other parts. It is roasted and dehydrated in many cases to create a fresh quality meat. It is tough in that it is hard to cut through unless you have something very sharp to work with. Even so, it can produce a great rump roast when prepared right.



The brisket is on the lower part of the cattle and is right underneath the chuck. It is often tough because it has lots of connective tissue. This is one of the best cuts of beef for barbecuing as it can come apart well when heated properly.



Another popular choice for barbecue needs, the ribs include great cuts that contain the best quality meats in most cases. Prime rib and rib-eye steaks are often prepared from this area. The meats here are tender and have plenty of juice to create a strong flavor all the way around.



The flank is a long cut that comes off of the abdominal muscles on the livestock. This is one of the toughest cuts of beef and as a result works best when braised. It works especially well in a London broil to create a good texture all the way around.



The loin is a part of the cow that comes from the back area right behind the ribs. It is often grilled as the key is to keep it dry. The T-bone steak is the most prominent thing you can get out of the loin.


All these options for cuts of beef are great worth looking into. Contact a gourmet butcher to see what you can get out of such meats.

Where to Buy the Highest Quality Meats in Sydney?

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One of the main reasons why purchasing meat from renowned meat wholesalers makes a lot of sense is the quality and affordability they offer. Let’s delve into the reasons how exactly trustworthy meat wholesalers are able to provide customers unmatched quality meats in Sydney.

  1. The Best Cuts for You: Experienced butchers know how to cut the meat to make it perfect for all popular recipes people use for cooking in Sydney. If you’ve any special requirements, feel free to let them know about the same and they will recommend you the best cuts no matter what your budget is. Without knowing your exact requirements, it might be difficult to say which part will be best for you. But by shopping at trusted meat wholesalers, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best quality meats.
  1. Butchering Requires Patience And Talent: Butchering is a craft and renowned butchers are highly trained professionals who never fail to exceed the expectations of their clients. Just like an average cook cannot be a chef without any professional training, no one can become a professional butcher by taking a few days off their regular profession.
    Meat is an expensive commodity especially when it comes to the popular choices. So, butchers have to be extra careful while cutting their meats to make the most out of every cut. Even a slightest mistake here can prove to be detrimental to the quality of meats.
  1. Value for Money: Though you can find really cheap meats at supermarkets, they are nowhere near the quality of meats available at trusted meat wholesalers and butchers in Sydney. The fact is that renowned butchers go to great lengths to procure the highest quality animals. They handpick each and every animal without considering the price factor and artistically cut them themselves. They hand mix all the ingredients to ensure optimum quality, safety and taste. Lastly, they love to spend time with their customers and help them find the best cuts for their needs. Experienced butchers are knowledgeable professionals and once you visit a well-established butcher shop in Sydney like Campisi Butchery, you’ll certainly come out as a wiser and well informed buyer.


For more guidance on buying quality meats, get in touch with experts at the leading meat wholesalers in Sydney – Campisi Butchery today!


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Butchers Sydney – Your Guide to Delicious, Budget-Friendly Quality Meats

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So, you’ve finally realized how trusted butchers in Sydney can elevate your culinary experience to a whole new level with their unmatched quality meats. However, shopping at well established butchers and meat wholesalers in Sydney can be overwhelming for some people because of the extensive range of meats you can find at such renowned places.

Contrary to supermarkets, where you can find just usual cuts like tenderloin, rib eye or pork rib chops, butchers stock almost every part of the animals. And most of these parts are available at dirt cheap prices but taste twice as good as your regular familiar cuts.

The thing is butchers know the art creatively breaking down the animal. So, you’ll come across cuts that you might have never seen before. Experienced butchers in Sydney put some serious time and effort in dissecting the animals in order to provide maximum versatility to their customers who know how to buy quality meats.

Of course, all great butchers stock popular cuts too but if you let them know your needs they can direct you towards cheaper, tastier cuts which can be cooked with the similar recipes. Trustworthy butchers in Sydney such as Campisi butchery are experienced friendly people who love helping their customers to find the best products for their taste. Let’s have a look at some rare cheaper cuts.

  1. Sirloin steak: This cheap substitute for beef tenderloin tastes just like its expensive counterpart if not better. Extracted from the rear back of the animal, Sirloin steak is lean, mild and tender. It can be prepared in the same way as tenderloin. If you’re not that fond of strong tasting pastured beef, Sirloin steak is a better (and a much cheaper) option for you.
  1. Chuck (7-bone steak): Beef chuck cuts can replace the prized cut Rib Eye any day. You may have already tasted chuck because it is used extensively in its ground form in a number of food products, such as burgers. However, if you use this part to make steak, it tastes almost similar to the Rib Eye. It does contain some bones but that actually makes it more interesting.
  1. Lamb Shoulder Chop (Blade Chop): Who doesn’t love lamb rib chops? But what can put most people off is their exorbitant price tag. This is where blade chops come into the picture. This little known shoulder chop is incredibly flavourful and very tender and can be enjoyed at a fraction of price of expensive lamb rib chops.


At Campisi Butchery, we are some of the most experienced butchers in Sydney known for our high quality meats. For the most comprehensive selection of free range meats in Sydney, visit Campisi Butchery today!

Butcher Sydney: How to Determine the Quality of Meat?

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If you run a restaurant in Sydney, it’s very crucial that you should have some knowledge about choosing the best quality meats. Shopping at a reputable butcher in Sydney is a good starting point. The employees at a trusted butcher shop such as Campisi butchery are adequately educated about the quality of meats and they are always eager to help customers with the best they can.

So what exactly are the quality meats? Let’s find out:

You can get cheap meats at a number of stores these days. However, if you’re a discerning buyer and really like your meat, you have to pay attention to the various processes that suppliers use to procure their meat products. Any trusted butcher in Sydney always believes in selling quality meats because it will get them long-term loyal customers who really understand the quality and can’t compromise on the taste.

There are several factors that determine the quality of meats. Let’s have a look:

  • Where’s the meat from?
  • Is the meat butchered in a correct manner?
  • What is the breed?
  • Do you prefer buying a particular breed because of taste or some other quality?
  • Do you get all this information from the seller?


In this age of marketing, supermarkets do not miss a single chance of making tall claims about the quality of their meats? However, there is no way you can see their items before they arrived in the stores. All you can see is the meat products perfectly lined on their shelves in attractive packaging without having any knowledge about the production methods.

Staff: Do the employees have sufficient Knowledge about the meat products? Are the staff members passionate about their meat and proud of its origin? Do they understand your requirements?

Quality of butcher shop: The butcher shop must be properly managed. Professionals at the shop must maintain high standards of hygiene. Even if the meat is sourced from the best sources, but the condition of shop is not up to the mark, you should think twice before giving business to such a meat shop.

A trustworthy butcher in Sydney such as Campisi Butchery maintains a very high level of cleanliness in their premises. A welcoming, clean and bright butcher shop can certainly help to gain the trust of customers. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery and taste the best quality meats in Sydney today!



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Quality Meats: Beef Grading

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Creating the perfect steak all starts with using high quality beef. In fact, it is the most important factor that will contribute to the flavour of your steak. With high quality meats of beef, you won’t even need to use seasonings or marinades if you make use of high quality meat because the flavour will be more than enough. In order to find the best kinds of meat though, you need to be familiar with how they are graded.



Quality meats under this category are considered to be the best in all major aspects, and needless to say, the most expensive ones. For instance, prime meat has the most generous amount of marbling which makes it more flavourful. Because prime meat is mostly taken from younger animals, they are also more tender and more succulent than other grades of meat. Prime meat can be rather difficult to find, and the most common places you’ll see them is in high-end steakhouses. There are some butcher shop that sell prime meat, but you’ll have to do your research well in order to find them.



Accordingly, these quality meats are second to prime meats in terms of quality. They are much easier to find since they are usually readily available in most meat stores and butcher shops. Although not as much as the prime meat, choice meat also has a good amount of marbling and a slightly coarser texture. Though they are cheaper than prime meat, expect to pay an expensive price for high quality choice beef.



These is at the bottom of the list, since this has the lowest quality of all quality meats. They have less marbling, which means that they are not as flavorful as the other two grades mentioned above, and they tend to be tougher and have coarser texture. As such, these kinds of meat are usually used for canning or other similar products. They are also sold in some butcher shop or meat shops, and are even used in some restaurants’ dishes. When cooking these kinds of meat, it is best to marinade them or use some tenderizer since they are mostly difficult to chew.

High quality meat is essential if you are after that perfect tasting steak. No marinade, seasoning, or cooking or grilling technique can ever mask the taste of poor quality meats. If you are looking for quality meats like top of the line beef, pork or even chicken portions, feel free to drop by our butcher shop anytime.



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