An Organic Butcher Sydney Must Work With Many Standards For Its Meats

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Organic meats are among the best ones for butchers in Sydney to provide to customers. But several standards have to be met for an organic butcher Sydney to work with meats that can actually be considered organic. These standards ensure that a meat is truly made with care.


No Chemicals Involved

An organic butcher Sydney diners can enjoy must take care of its meats without the use of any harmful chemicals. These include pesticides used on farms where animals are raised or antibiotics that are often used when feeding animals. The key is to allow animals to grow and thrive on their own.


Free Range Support

Quality meats are often prepared on free range farms. This means that animals being raised for meats are kept outside of cages and in larger farm fields where they can grow and thrive. This produces meats that are easier to enjoy and use.


Preparations Are Handled Naturally

The processes a butcher uses for packaging and preparing meats should be supported without any additives. The problem with many chemical additives is that they can impact the quality of one’s meat. By using natural salt and other organic compounds, it becomes easier for meats to be preserved and packaged without adding any chemicals or otherwise negatively impacting the meat.


No Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is often used by butchers to help with producing better animals. This could be dangerous though as the quality of the meats in such animals might be suspect. Those animals might not grow as well as they should. An organic butcher will always work with strict standards where one does not accept anything that has been genetically engineered. Besides, it is often easier to work around quality meats that has been organically produced.

The rules for an organic butcher Sydney residents may contact are important to see with regards to getting quality meats prepared. By using such rules, it becomes easier for a butcher to offer only the finest meats to people around the city.

Considerations when Buying Wholesale Meat from Meat Wholesalers

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Buying wholesale meat is certainly a great option considering the price. This is because they’re sold in much lower prices than when buying retail. However, before you visit a meat wholesalers shop, do keep the following in mind.

Plan Your Meals

Before you start thinking about going to the butcher shop, take some time to plan your meals first. This will help you to identify what types of meat to buy and how much of them should you buy. Meat wholesalers will definitely be glad to sell you as much meat as they possibly can. However, they are also concerned about their customers buying too much at any given time. In some cases, the excess meat just spoils in their customer’s fridge and goes to waste.

When planning your meals, be sure to take inventory of any meat left in your fridge. This way, you can limit your purchase to the ones that you don’t have. This is one of the ways to ensure that you stick to your budget while shopping in meat wholesalers shops.

Buy Only What You Can Consume

Buying meat from meat wholesalers does not mean having to buy huge amounts of meat at a single time. In a large restaurant for example, you should only buy those that you can cook in the immediate future. This will ensure that you don’t end up with spoiled meat, which can cut deep into your bottom line.

Consider Proper Storage

Buying wholesale meat doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to cook the right away. In many cases, those who buy from meat wholesalers end up keep the meat in the freezer anyway. If you find this case familiar, be sure that you have ample space in your fridge or freezer.

Buying wholesale meat is one way of keeping your purchasing costs down. However, you need to keep the considerations mentioned above to ensure that you don’t end up with too much meat than you actually need. If you are looking for meat wholesalers or an organic butcher in Sydney, do get in touch with us. You can call us up through our telephone line at (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page and we’ll be sure to get back to you soon.

Also, please don’t hesitate to drop by our butcher shop. We are located at Fifteenth Ave., West Hoxton NSW. We are open from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm on Mondays thru Fridays and from 7 am – 1 pm on Saturdays.


Organic Butcher Sydney: What Makes Meat Organic?

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Organic produce has been in the limelight for quite some time now, but most people don’t know much about organic meat. They have a little idea about the benefits of choosing an organic butcher in Sydney over a grocery store to buy their meat products.

If you’re aware that you can get a better quality meat from organic butchers and meat wholesalers but you don’t exactly know how they are better than the others, please be our guest and read on.

In order to satisfy all the requirements of producing organic meat, butchers and farmers must follow some stringent guidelines. This is to ensure that every product meets the highest levels of organic standards.

Let’s have a look at some key factors to keep in mind in order to satisfy all the requirements for meat products to be called organic.

  1. Animals must be raised in an ethical way without any use of hormones and chemicals. Their diet should be rich in all the essential nutrients.
  2. In organic farms, animals are fed organic diet free from any growth hormones and antibiotics.
  3. Organically raised animals have free outdoor access. So, they are psychologically sound and are free from any diseases.
  4. There are strict guidelines against the use of hormones while raising poultry and chicken.
  5. Moreover, organic feed given to the animals is produced without using genetically modified grains, hormones and certain by-products. These products are grown without using chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.

So, the next time you shop at an organic butcher in Sydney, you know why it’s important for your health.

To know more details about organic rules and regulations, get in touch with an experienced organic butcher in Sydney such as Campisi Butchery.


Campisi Butchery: The Most Trusted Organic Butcher and Meat Wholesaler in Sydney.

Here at Campisi Butchery, all the butchering processes and production procedures are carried out in our own well equipped facility.  Our dedicated team of skilled butchers makes sure that highest standards of hygiene and meat production are maintained consistently to deliver just the best quality meat to our customers.

Visit Campisi Butchery, and choose from a wide selection of succulent meats and other products. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you’ll get 100% organic meat free from any chemicals and preservatives.



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Find Italy’s Finest Quality Cured Meats at the Local Free Range Butchery

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Large numbers of Australians are meat lovers. Many of these people have a taste for some exotic varieties of meat. For instance, several Australians love Italian cured meat products such as salumi. It is easy to confuse salumi with salami. But, the two terms denote distinct products. Salumi refers to a family of Italian cured meat products. In contrast, salami refers to a specific variety of dry-cured meat that is famous in Italy. In the past, finding such meat products in your local markets presented quite a challenge. However, you will easily be able to procure these meat products from your local supplier of quality meats nowadays.


What Kinds of Quality Meats Does Salumi Typically Comprise?

Some of the meat products that comprise salumi include:

  • The Salami Range: Usually made of pork, butchers chop or grind these meat fillings finely. They enhance it with fat, before salting the mixture. Thereafter, they season the meat with spices, herbs and wine. Lastly, they stuff it into casings made from natural animal membranes and hang these casings to cure, ferment and dry.
  • Mortadella: This is similar to bologna. It features pale, pink pork with cubes of fat. It has a smooth and creamy texture. Its flavour is similar to ham.
  • Prosciutto: This denotes a wide range of hams, instead of the customary wafer-thin slice of cured pork leg. Speck comes under the prosciutto umbrella too. It denotes a cut from the hind leg of the pig. Butchers salt-cure and smoke it before hanging it to dry.
  • Coppa: This features a vivid red colour and heavy marbling. It is a blend of the smooth texture of prosciutto with a substantially seasoned flavour.
  • Miscellaneous: Other products that come under the salumi umbrella include pancetta, guanciale, lardo and bresaola


Obtain the Best Variety of Gourmet and Specialty Meats at the Organic Butcher Shop in Sydney

If you’re searching for the best quality meats in Sydney, your search ends at Campisi’s Continental Butchery. A family owned and operated business, we stock a comprehensive variety of meats and meat-based products. At our store, you’ll be able to find traditional Italian cuts of different varieties of meat. And, if you need contemporary Australian cuts of meat, we can offer that as well. We offer more than 100 distinct types of cuts of meat to our clients. Check out some of our recipes here.

Satisfy Your Love for Game Meat by Sourcing it from the Local Meat Wholesalers

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Every lover of meat will invariably have sampled the usual varieties of meat. These varieties could typically comprise pork, poultry, beef, mutton, veal and lamb. Finding the freshest cuts of these varieties of meat is hardly a challenge nowadays. Most meat wholesalers in your neighbourhood will not only be able to supply the best cuts of these meats. Some of them will also be able to offer meat products that feature these varieties of meat. However, some people relish game meat. Game meat refers to the meat of animals that people typically hunt and kill in the wild. After killing the animals, the game hunters hang the bodies of these animals. This helps in making the meat more flavoursome.


What Kinds of Game Meat Can You Obtain from Meat Wholesalers in Australia?

Game meat tends to be low in fat and high in flavour. This is why many people prefer making steaks or stews of this meat. For the uninitiated, game meats possess the same nutrients as those found in a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Some of the most commonly sold varieties of game meat include:

  • Venison: This usually denotes meat harvested from a deer. People consume venison in steaks, sausages, tenderloins and ground meats.
  • Large Game: This refers to meat obtained from bison, buffaloes, moose and bears. It is worth mentioning that each animal will have a distinctive flavour profile.
  • Small Game: This typically refers to meat obtained from rabbits, hares, squirrels and even, porcupines. Rabbits and hares taste better with Italian herbs and seasonings.


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – The Leading Organic Butcher in Sydney Where You Can Obtain a Diverse Variety of Meat Products

At Campisi’s Continental Butchery, you will be able to find a comprehensive range of meat products. A family owned and operated business, we sell over 100 different types of high-quality cuts of meat each day. From beef to goat and from pork to veal, we have it all. The quality of our products has made us the meat wholesaler of choice in the vicinity. Our products do not only satisfy the love for meat of the general public. They are in high demand at over 30 local restaurants and delicatessens as well. We specialise in offering traditional Italian and contemporary Australian cuts of meat. But, we stock specialty meat products as well. To know more, call us at (02) 9826 6122.

Wine Pairings for Leg of Lamb and other Lamb Meat



Lamb is indeed one of the most wine-friendly meats available from an organic butcher in Sydney. For the most part, lamb meat goes very well with many kinds and brands of wine. However, if you are really looking for that perfect pair or a spot on match, then you’ll find the following very helpful in your quest.


Baby Lamb

An absolutely delicious delicacy, though more popular in countries like Spain and Italy. Baby lamb is a top favorite and finding a wine to pair it with is not as difficult as one would normally think. In general, baby lamb works well with top quality fine wines like Bordeaux or Burgundy, especially when they are mature (a few years’ bottle age is often sufficient).


Spring Lamb

Lamb cutslike racks and leg of lamb are the kind of dishes that many people love seeing on their dinenr table. If you’re planning to cook some of these, you’ll need some good wines to pair it with. Like the above, Bordeaux and burgundy work fine with these cuts. Aside from those, a nice bottle of Pinot Noir or cru Beaujolais also makes a great pairing. If you want to serve champagne though, then a dry rose or vintage rose champagne is recommended.


Roast Lamb

Roasted lamb meat is another favorite of many customers, and they usually cook it from medium-rare to well-done. They also often serve it with garlic, rosemary or wine based sauce. If this is how you intend to cook and serve your lamb, then you may want to consider pairing it with wines that are fruity and young. Some examples would include cabernet, rioja reserve or a chianti classico.


Barbequed Lamb

The wine pairing for this type of cooking would largely depend on the rub or marinade that you used. For instance, if you used a rather spicy rub or marinade, then you’ll want to look for wines that have fruity tastes like a pinotage or an Australian shiraz. On the other hand, if the lamb has been marinated with lemans and herbs, then something more acidic should be considered. Some examples would be Italian reds like chianti and barbera.

As can be gleaned from the above paragraphs, there will be many factors that needs to be considered when pairing wines with leg of lamb and other types and cuts of lamb meat. You’ll need to consider how you’re going to cook the lamb, how long you’ll be cooking it, and even the age of the lamb.

For more information about our range of meat products, you can get in touch with us through our telephone line (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page and we’ll help you find the perfect gourmet meat for your needs.



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5 Reasons to Shop at an Organic Butcher in Sydney

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Buying meat from a trusted organic butcher in Sydney, such as Campisi Butchery, has a lot of benefits – ranging from keeping you healthy and active to preserving the environment. A number of studies have shown that gourmet meats bought from an organic butcher are the safest, healthiest and the most delicious meats you can get anywhere.

Contrary to the popular belief, organic gourmet meats are just a little bit more expensive than ordinary meats available at supermarkets. And there are some really convincing reasons why you should switch to a trustworthy organic butcher in Sydney if you haven’t already done so. Let’s have a look.

  1. Nutrition: Recent research has shown that organic meat products have a higher percentage of beneficial nutrients including antioxidants. Grass fed meat contains 20 percent more vitamin E, 60 percent more omega 3’s and twice or thrice the CLA. CLA has been shown to fight cancer and is also quite effective in burning unhealthy body fat.
  1. Reproductive Health: Conventionally produced meat contains excessive levels of harmful chemicals that have been linked to reduced fertility levels. You can give a boost to your reproductive health by simply switching to an organic butcher in Sydney to buy all your meat products.
  1. Immunity: Non-organic meat products contain chemicals that can adversely affect your immune system, and make you more prone to certain type of cancers and illnesses.
  1. Weight Gain and Hormone Imbalance: There is some clinical evidence that meat from animals that are raised using unethical practices, such as by injecting hormones, can actually make you gain weight by interfering with your own hormones.
  1. Unknown Harmful Effects: It’s a well known fact that mass-produced meat is procured from animals raised in an inhumane manner that are fed unproven diets laced with hormones and chemicals. Most of these chemicals are never tested for safety on humans. However, at an organic butcher in Sydney, you’ll find just the healthiest and the most scrumptious gourmet meats free from all such chemicals.

The easiest way to get started is to shop at a good organic butcher in Sydney. For the finest quality gourmet meats and a wide range of meat products, visit the leading organic butcher in Sydney – Campisi Butchery today!

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Gourmet Meats: The Delicious and Healthy Quail Meat



Gourmet meats come in a variety of form and taste, and when it comes to game meats, there is nothing quite like a succulent and flavourful quail meat. Quails are pretty small in nature, and as such, the single serving of quail meat would be around three to five ounces in size. So when shopping for quail meat, you may want to consider getting those two-breasts pack, because once you fall in love with it, you’ll definitely be wanting more.


Cooking Quail Meat

Unlike other kinds of gourmet meats where experts would usually recommend slow cooking methods, it is recommended that you cook quail using intermediate heat but on a very limited time – which shouldn’t go beyond ten minutes at least. This short cooking time and higher than usual cooking heat will help to ensure that the meat will not lose too much moisture. By doing so, you can expect a very ‘quail-ey’ taste, even more ‘gamey’ than you would expect from ordinary poultry, especially when you get them from an organic butcher. In addition, it tends to taste much sweeter. For a more enjoyable dish, try pairing quail meat with red wine.


Health Benefits of Quail Meat

One of the best reasons why you should consider eating quail gourmet meats instead of regular poultry meat are the health benefits. For instance, studies have shown that quail meat has lower fat content when compared to chicken since quail meat contains approximately only two grams in a single serving. That same single serving though, will have more protein than the same serving of chicken.

When it comes to lipids content, quail does have more of those unwanted saturated fats, but take note that it also has a higher content of the good, polyunsaturated fatty acids that you will need.

Aside from that, quail meat also contains loads of healthy minerals, like phosphorous, iron, copper, zinc and selenium. With regards to vitamins, quail meat has high content of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6. All in all, the mineral and vitamin content of quail meat is significantly higher than that of regular broiler.


Expect Top of the Line Quail Meat and Other Gourmet Meats Only from Campisi Butchery

Quail meat is indeed an excellent alternative to chicken, especially with regards to the health and nutritional considerations. More important that that though, is the unique, gamey taste that it provides which is sure to tickle the palate and enhance the dining experience. However, to fully enjoy these and more, be sure to get only your quail meat from a reputable game and gourmet meats butcher.

If you are looking for top of the line quail meat, then we’re here for you. Aside from quail meat though, we also have a variety of other game and gourmet meats including:

  • Goat
  • Rabbit
  • Spatchcock
  • Lamb
  • Veal
  • And many more

For more information about our range of meat products, you can get in touch with us through our telephone line (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page and we’ll be sure to get back to you real quick.



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Organic Butcher in Sydney: A Guide to Buying Meat


Off late, people are getting more and more interested in opting for organic and local food options for them. This stems from the fact that there are a number of incredible health benefits of shopping from a trustworthy organic butcher in Sydney – instead of picking up another cold cut from the supermarket.


Why shop at a butcher shop?

Simply put, experienced butchers at any trusted butcher shop, such as Campisi Butchery, are just best at what they do. This is their specialization, after all, and they definitely deliver. Nobody knows how to handle meat better than professional butchers, and once you buy some meat from a reputable organic butcher in Sydney, you will never go back to a supermarket. That’s our assurance!

Not only do you get to support butchers practicing their art, you get a wide variety of meats. Many of these shops also have their own speciality cuts that you will definitely enjoy.


A Variety of Options- Only For You!

With a trusted organic butcher in Sydney, such as Campisi Butchery, you get to choose the kind of meat you want and the kind of cut as well. This will make cooking and storing so much easier for you. Moreover, you also get healthier, tastier organic meat. This is ideal for those who are trying to get healthy, and want to make sure they have the healthiest option when it comes to meat. This gives people with allergies a chance to eat some quality meat as well.


How to purchase from the butchers’ shop?

You purchase meat from a butcher shop the same way you would purchase it from the store- except you can tell them how you want the meat. You can tell them what kind of cuts of beef, what kind of meat, and how you would like it packed.

If you don’t know the answer to all these questions yourself, you can always ask the butchers. They know all about their meat, and they will be more than happy to assist you in the buying process. If you want to experience the numerous health benefits of high quality organic meat, visit Campisi Butchery today!



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Benefits of Buying Organic Beef from an Organic Butcher in Sydney

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As more and more people are becoming conscious of their health and what they put inside their bodies, there is a growing demand for healthier kinds of meat and poultry, and in this sense, organic seems to be the perfect choice available. There are many health benefits of consuming beef prepared by an organic butcher in Sydney, including the following.

Vitamins B and E

Organic beef has been found to contain higher amounts of vitamins B and E compared to conventional beef, both of which have roles to play in our overall health. For instance, vitamin E is necessary for heart health and vision (and is an antioxidant that helps fight cancer), and organic beef is known to contain an average of three times more vitamin E than conventional beef. Energy producing vitamin B are also found in higher concentrations among grass-fed beef.

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Grass fed beef has also been found to contain higher amounts of essential fatty acids. To be more specific, grass fed beef contains alpha linolenic acids (the same one found in flax) and eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, both of which are commonly found in oily fish. All these helps to ensure better cardiovascular and brain health. Aside from omega 3s though, a completely healthy diet should also contain a good ratio between omega 3s and omega 6s. This is necessary in order to prevent inflammation in the body and prevent chronic inflammation related diseases. In general, the ratio between omega 6 and omega 3 in grass fed beef is around 1.5 which pretty healthy, while in conventional beef, the number can go as high as 7.6.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid is considered to have antioxidant properties which helps to protect against heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Although both grass fed beef and conventional beef contain CLAs, it has been shown that grass fed beef contains as much as two or three times more on average. The main reason why this is so is because grains fed to cows reduce the pH of the digestive system of the cow, which then inhibits the growth of the bacteria that produces CLA.


Carotenoids are disease fighting phytonutrients, and these are found in higher concentration among grass fed beef than conventional beef. To be specific, grass fed cows incorporate two important carotenoids – beta carotene and lutein – into their muscle tissues. In the case of beta carotene, it has been found that grass fed beef can contain as much as seven times more beta carotene than conventional beef.

If you’re looking for organic, fresh and excellent meat, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122 or visit our shop (shop hours are indicated in our contact page). We are reputable meat wholesalers specializing in Italian and Australian cut prime meat.



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