A Leg of Lamb Can Be Prepared In Many Ways

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The leg of lamb is one of the most distinct cuts of meat that you could ever find. It includes a thick and rich texture that fits in perfectly with vegetables. But one of the most popular parts of this meat is that it can be prepared in various forms.

Roasting Is Important

You can get this meat from an Italian butchery roasted to perfection. But it might be even better when you slow roast it. This entails allowing the meat to be heated up in an oven at a lower temperature for hours at a time. This allows the lamb meat to stay rich and tender while also taking in any juices or sauces you add onto it.

Prepare With Great Gravy

You can use various types of gravy when preparing your leg of lamb. A good idea is to cook the leg while in a gravy coating featuring rosemary, garlic or other natural herbs. This allows the lamb to be coated and infused with the fine gravy, thus adding a new flavor you are bound to love.

Prepare It On the Bone

A great part of experiencing this cut from an Italian butchery involves noticing how the meat falls off of the bone cleanly and perfectly. It is best to prepare this part of the lamb on the bone to get that experience. Even more importantly, cooking it on the bone ensures you will not tamper with the quality or build of the meat before it is served, thus ensuring what you are preparing is made well.

You will be impressed with the many ways how you can get the leg of lamb prepared for your next dinner event. Check with Campisi Butchery to learn more about how you can get this important cut of meat to work for any occasion you want to enjoy.

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Cured Meats Come In Many Forms

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People love cured meats for how they are easy to prepare and serve. They are great on their own or when placed on sandwiches. The assorted variety of these meats you could find today includes many options that fit everyone’s taste.

Traditional Sausage Forms

Many cured meats are made with sausage layouts. The cervelat is popular for mixing bacon, beef and pork sausages. The chorizo entails fatty pork that is coarsely ground.

Summer Sausage Is a Hit

Summer sausage is one of the more appealing meats to get from an Italian butchery. This features pork and beef sausage made with garlic and mustard. This is fermented while cured to add a more detailed flavor.

Bologna Works Well

Bologna is a good meat that is cured with garlic among other spices. This contains pork or beef ground into a sausage which is then smoked. This produces a fine flavor that fits perfectly on a sandwich.

Mixes Work Well

Some cured meats are made with carefully prepared mixes. Zungenwurst is a good option to use. It is a blood sausage that is aired with pig or beef tongue bits in the middle. Head cheese is also noteworthy for feature pig head meat with garlic mixed into a gelatin loaf.

Liverwurst Is Popular

Liverwurst is another cured item to find. This is a sausage made with bacon and pork liver. It can be ground up and spread onto various surfaces.

Ham Can Be Cured Too

Don’t forget to look at how well ham can be cured. It could be prepared in coppa when it is dried and rubbed with spices. Culatello is also great to have if you can find a boneless cut of ham. Jamon Iberico is also great for coming in slim strips and for being aged for a while. It takes about two years for that kind of cured ham product to be made ready though.

Check out all of these cured meats if you are looking for something attractive to serve at a special event. Contact Campisi Butchery to see what you can order today.

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Campisi Butchery – What Makes This Italian Butchery Outstanding?

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At Campisi Butchery, our passion lies in creating high quality tremendously delicious gourmet meats. From precisely traceable sources to the unmatched craft of our experienced butchers to unparalleled cutting skills, we are proud of our every product. Our unrivalled quality meats and excellent customer services are just a few of the qualities that make us the most sought-after Italian butchery in Sydney.


Campisi Butchery: An Italian butchery for Free range, organic and irresistible meats in Sydney

Each and every cut you’ll find at Campisi Butchery is a work of art – handpicked from the most trusted sources where animals are raised using ethical practices. We enjoy great relations with farmers and producers who know the importance of ethically and sustainably raising animals and how it eventually impacts the final taste and texture of meat. They treat animals with respect and care they deserve and pick the best breeds available in Australia.

By following these practices, we make sure that all the products available in our butchery can be easily traced back to the original source. With our free range and grass fed meats, you can actually experience quality in every bite.


Combining Time Tested, Traditional Cutting Methods with Advanced Technology

We are an experienced gourmet butcher, and one of the few butchers who are still passionate about traditional butchering craft. Using the best breeds is one of the components of this craft.

There are a number of steps involved in our butchering processes to ensure the tenderest, juiciest and tremendously delicious meat to our customers.


Campisi Butchery: The Leading Gourmet Butcher in Sydney

When it comes to meat, most of us know that taste and variety is the key. In addition to a wide range of raw meats, Campisi Butchery is also well known for an array of scrumptious gourmet meats. Created by some of our most experienced butchers in Sydney, our gourmet meats are all you need when you want to add a little more adventure and zing to your life.

We keep rotating these special items so that you can enjoy the freshest, spectacular rare cuts that are difficult to find anywhere else. No wonder we are the best butchery for meat lovers in Sydney. To know more about our offerings, visit Campisi Butchery today!


Great Sausages Make For Perfect Gourmet Meats

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Sausages are formed with solid bodies through various ground forms of meat. These are prepared in a number of ways and can make for some of the best gourmet meats that are worth having. These are also very versatile in terms of the types of ingredients that can be added.


Cut and Sized to Perfection

Typical sausages from an Italian butchery are always carefully shaped and cut. These are made to fit into many sizes that are suitable for all sorts of desires. These often entail cuts that can fit onto a traditional bun although they may also be thick enough to be sliced and served in pasta dishes.


Versatile For All Times of the Day

You can find sausages that are great to have at many times of the day too. Some of these gourmet meats include breakfast sausages that have a slight pork flavor or even a maple accent.


Spices and Herbs Work Too

An Italian butchery can help you with getting some special flavors added into your sausages. These include flavors that come from a number of spices and herbs. Fennel sausage is especially popular as it combines fennel seeds with black pepper, garlic and many other prominent ingredients. This helps you with creating a sweet flavor that is worth trying out.

Smoked paprika can also be added into a sausage recipe to create a chorizo. This is a popular type of sausage in Spanish-speaking countries that offers a good spice that is especially hot but not too intense.


Chicken Can Work

Typically people assume that beef is the key meat used in sausages. But the truth is that all kinds of gourmet meats can be used to make sausages. This is especially the case with chicken. In fact, chicken sausages are very popular for offering lighter flavors that are not too intense.

The great sausages that you can get from an Italian butchery are made to be very enjoyable and detailed. The ingredients that go into such sausages can come from many sources and will add some of the best flavors you could ever get out of a feast.


Find the Best Varieties of Italian Meat at Your Local Italian Butchery

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Relishing a well-prepared meal is something that would appeal to many people. This is especially so if the dishes prepared contained some meat-based dishes. If you need the freshest meat, you would probably not think twice about visiting the local butchery. But all butcheries do not store an extensive range of smoked or gourmet meats. For this, you might typically need to visit an Italian butchery.


It’s Not Difficult to Find an Assortment of Italian Meats at the Local Italian Butchery

When people think of Italian meats, red meat will always be a very popular choice. In particular, beef plays an important role in many meat-based Italian dishes. From sauces to the main course, you could prepare beef in a myriad of ways. When you purchase beef, ensure that you purchase the leaner cuts. This would ensure that the dish you prepare is low in calories and fat content. If beef does not appeal to you, you could consider replacing it with chicken.

Italian sausages are quite popular as well. People typically use Italian sausages in various sauces. Cutting this meat is easy. In addition, the spiciness of the sausage will enhance the flavour of the sauce. You could cut the sausages into small disks or chunks. Thereafter, you could stew them in a pasta or tomato sauce for some time. The Italians prefer to let the meat stew for a long time within the broth as opposed to cooking it before. This enables them to assimilate the delicious flavours of the meat into the sauce.

Other varieties of cured Italian meats you could use include:


Are You Looking for the Best Gourmet Meat in Sydney?

Finding the best Italian meats in Sydney is not very difficult. Since 1976, Campisi’s Continental Butchery has been the best Italian butchery for many Sydneysiders. A family owned and operated business, we offer a wide range of traditional Italian and Australian cuts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, goat and poultry. We do not merely offer the freshest varieties of meat. We ensure that all products we offer are hygienic as well. This is why the general public and over 30 local restaurants and delicatessens keep purchasing our products. If you require specialty meats, we supply that as well. To know what’s in stock currently, call us at (02) 9826 6122.


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