Campisi Butchery – What Makes This Italian Butchery Outstanding?

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At Campisi Butchery, our passion lies in creating high quality tremendously delicious gourmet meats. From precisely traceable sources to the unmatched craft of our experienced butchers to unparalleled cutting skills, we are proud of our every product. Our unrivalled quality meats and excellent customer services are just a few of the qualities that make us the most sought-after Italian butchery in Sydney.


Campisi Butchery: An Italian butchery for Free range, organic and irresistible meats in Sydney

Each and every cut you’ll find at Campisi Butchery is a work of art – handpicked from the most trusted sources where animals are raised using ethical practices. We enjoy great relations with farmers and producers who know the importance of ethically and sustainably raising animals and how it eventually impacts the final taste and texture of meat. They treat animals with respect and care they deserve and pick the best breeds available in Australia.

By following these practices, we make sure that all the products available in our butchery can be easily traced back to the original source. With our free range and grass fed meats, you can actually experience quality in every bite.


Combining Time Tested, Traditional Cutting Methods with Advanced Technology

We are an experienced gourmet butcher, and one of the few butchers who are still passionate about traditional butchering craft. Using the best breeds is one of the components of this craft.

There are a number of steps involved in our butchering processes to ensure the tenderest, juiciest and tremendously delicious meat to our customers.


Campisi Butchery: The Leading Gourmet Butcher in Sydney

When it comes to meat, most of us know that taste and variety is the key. In addition to a wide range of raw meats, Campisi Butchery is also well known for an array of scrumptious gourmet meats. Created by some of our most experienced butchers in Sydney, our gourmet meats are all you need when you want to add a little more adventure and zing to your life.

We keep rotating these special items so that you can enjoy the freshest, spectacular rare cuts that are difficult to find anywhere else. No wonder we are the best butchery for meat lovers in Sydney. To know more about our offerings, visit Campisi Butchery today!


3 Reasons to Buy Meat from a Gourmet Butcher

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Sydney’s favourite butcher shop for gourmet meats - Campisi butchery, offers a large variety of quality meats that can take your culinary experience to a whole new level. With a solid online presence, Campisi Butchery is probably the most trusted and advanced gourmet butcher of present times. By advanced butcher, we mean state-of-the-art equipment, freshest meats, unparalleled expertise and fully personalised services that Campisi Butchery is known for.

Below are just some of the reasons why Campisi Butchery is so incredibly awesome when it comes to gourmet meats and what makes it a far better option than a buying your meat from a supermarket.


  1. The Freshest Meats: When you visit Campisi butchery, one thing you’ll notice right away is how neatly various types of meats are arranged in separate sections. Feel free to ask about the source of any meat from your friendly butcher. Campisi Butchery is also one of the most trusted meat wholesalers in Sydney. It supplies quality meats to a number of eating establishments throughout Sydney.
    When you choose Campisi Butchery, you can rest assured that you’ll get the freshest gourmet meats because everything is done in-house by highly experienced butchers who are masters of their craft.
  1. Widest Selection: The amazing selection of quality meats offered by Campisi Butchery is something you cannot easily find anywhere else. Be ready to get amazed with a huge variety of cuts on display or choose freshly cut meats. If you love salumi, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Campisi Butchery. You can choose from a number of variations of salumi and other lip-smacking cured meats.
    It takes some real talent and substantial amount of time to produce thin slices of meat for the right taste and texture, and you’ll get just the best at Campisi Butchery.
  1. Experienced, Friendly Butchers: Most of the butchers at Campisi Butchery possess an in-depth knowledge about cooking meat. They’re always happy to share helpful tips with the client on selecting, buying and cooking meat. So, from now on, say goodbye to the dubious recipes available on the Internet. You’ll get expert advice from everyone working at Campisi Butchery. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery now!


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Great Sausages Make For Perfect Gourmet Meats

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Sausages are formed with solid bodies through various ground forms of meat. These are prepared in a number of ways and can make for some of the best gourmet meats that are worth having. These are also very versatile in terms of the types of ingredients that can be added.


Cut and Sized to Perfection

Typical sausages from an Italian butchery are always carefully shaped and cut. These are made to fit into many sizes that are suitable for all sorts of desires. These often entail cuts that can fit onto a traditional bun although they may also be thick enough to be sliced and served in pasta dishes.


Versatile For All Times of the Day

You can find sausages that are great to have at many times of the day too. Some of these gourmet meats include breakfast sausages that have a slight pork flavor or even a maple accent.


Spices and Herbs Work Too

An Italian butchery can help you with getting some special flavors added into your sausages. These include flavors that come from a number of spices and herbs. Fennel sausage is especially popular as it combines fennel seeds with black pepper, garlic and many other prominent ingredients. This helps you with creating a sweet flavor that is worth trying out.

Smoked paprika can also be added into a sausage recipe to create a chorizo. This is a popular type of sausage in Spanish-speaking countries that offers a good spice that is especially hot but not too intense.


Chicken Can Work

Typically people assume that beef is the key meat used in sausages. But the truth is that all kinds of gourmet meats can be used to make sausages. This is especially the case with chicken. In fact, chicken sausages are very popular for offering lighter flavors that are not too intense.

The great sausages that you can get from an Italian butchery are made to be very enjoyable and detailed. The ingredients that go into such sausages can come from many sources and will add some of the best flavors you could ever get out of a feast.


Gourmet Meats: The Filet Mignon

gourmet meat The Filet Mignon


As gourmet meats, the filet mignon is often referred to by some enthusiasts as the king of steaks, and this is mainly because of its very soft texture—in fact, it is so soft that you wouldn’t need a knife to cut through it since using your fork is more than sufficient. Because of this, it is one of the most ordered type of steaks in many restaurants worldwide, and is even a popular choice for those who want to do their own shopping at meat wholesalers and meat shops.


Where Is It Taken?

The filet mignon is actually a part of the tenderloin which is located near the back rib cage of the animal. To be more specific, the filet mignon refers to the tail-end of the tenderloin, thus the term short-loin. If you look at the whole tenderloin, you will notice that the cut tapers to a small and thin tail—this is the actual filet mignon. This is worth knowing because there are butcher shops and meat wholesalers that often sell filet mignon but are actually selling the tenderloin itself. However, the true filet mignon is taken from the thinnest end of the tenderloin.

In fact, the location of this particular cut is what makes it so tender. Because this part of the meat is located in an area that is not weight-bearing, it doesn’t get as much exercise as the other muscles do, thus resulting in a deliciously tender meat.


Taste Profile and Cooking Tips

It should be noted that filet mignon will be one (if not “the”) most expensive steak you’ll find in a steakhouse’s menu. But unlike other gourmet meats, the price is generally influenced by the tenderness of the meat and not by its taste. In fact, the beefy flavour is actually reduced with the filet mignon, which is why it is almost always served with sauce or gravy (unless it was ordered by a purist). The sauce will usually be made using or incorporating the pan juices which came out whilst the beef is cooking.

To make the filet mignon more flavourful, filet mignon should be seared with high heat on both sides as this will help to lock in the juices, and then transferred to low heat until the desired doneness is achieved.

If you are looking for excellent filet mignon and other gourmet meats, please feel free to drop by our meat store anytime. As one of the most reputable meat retailers and meat wholesalers in the area, you are guaranteed fresh and high quality meats all the time.



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Gourmet Meats: Pancetta

Pancetta - Gourmet Meats


Everybody loves the taste of crispy fried bacon early in the morning, and many households will usually have a pound (or more) of this in their fridge as it is often a staple part of their breakfast table. If you love bacon, then you may want to consider trying out its cousin—the pancetta—which you will usually find in the gourmet meats section of your butcher shop or meat wholesalers store.


What is Pancetta?

Pancetta is what some people would refer to as Italian bacon. It is a cut from the pork belly and cured, in as much as the same way as regular bacon, though there are differences of course which we’ll get into later on.

As for the taste profile, pancetta has a pronounced salty flavour enhanced by the addition of pepper and other spices. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of recipes. It can be used for pasta sauces or added with sautéed vegetables. In fact, it can be used in any other dish as a substitute for bacon. Just a reminder though, pancetta tends to be more salty than the regular bacon, so you may want to take a nibble first to determine if it’s too salty for your taste.


Bacon vs. Pancetta

As was mentioned, bacon and pancetta have similarities and differences. The similarity is that they both come from the same part of the pig, which is the pork belly. They are also similar in the sense that one can be interchanged with the other in some recipes.

The difference then lies in the preparation and curing process. In the case of bacon, the pork belly is brined and then smoked. Pancetta on the other hand is prepared by liberally rubbing it with salt and pepper and other spices, rolled and tied with a twine and wrapped in a casing to hold the shape. This is why most of the pancetta you’ll see in the market are rolled into a cylindrical shape. Pancetta is cured, but unlike bacon, it isn’t smoked.


Cooking Ideas

Pancetta can be cooked and prepared just as you would bacon. You can have a thick slab of pancetta and throw it into the pan and fry it up for your breakfast. You can also chop them up into cubes or smaller bits and add them to your pasta sauce. You can even wrap them around shrimp or asparagus and then grill the whole thing for a tasty treat. You can also cut pancetta thinly and use them for sandwiches. So if you’re still wondering what to do with your pancetta, just think about how you would normally cook bacon and you’re good to go.

If you would like to buy pancetta or other types of gourmet meats, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page.



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Top Three Cuts of Beef for Steak


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Gourmet meats like those used for creating those wonderfully delicious steaks can be rather expensive. Because of this, it is only natural that you’ll want to know what you’re paying for—that is, how is each cut of beef used for steak different from the others. Knowing these details will help ensure that you buy the right kind of beef that you like best, whether that be one with a big beefy flavour or the most tender cut you can find.



First off is the tenderloin, which is also often referred to in some places as filet mignon or just filet. Accordingly, it is the most tender of all the cuts of beef used for steak, and also one that is very lean and has a fine-grained texture. It has a mild beef flavour, but at the same time buttery. The tenderloin comes from the short loin and sirloin and is located under the ribs. Tenderloins are also small and compact, which is why they are cut thicker than other types of cuts of beef used for steak. It should be noted that this is also considered to be the most expensive cut of steak that you can order from a restaurant or buy from a butcher’s shop.



Although it is sometimes called as the T-bone, there are subtle differences between the two, mainly in the size. A porterhouse should be as least an inch and a quarter wide, while a T-bone should only be about half an inch. Either way, this cut of beef comes from the cross-section of the unfilleted short loin, and as the name suggests, has a t-shaped bone on it. Many people love this cut because of the beefy, juicy and buttery taste, as well as the generous marbling that spreads across the whole of the mear.


Rib Eye

Lastly, we have the rib eye or as called in some places scotch fillet or entrecote. This cut of beef is taken from the upper rib cage, and has a really super beefy and flavourful taste. When you visit a butcher’s shop and take a look at the rib eye, you will see that it has lost of fat marbling with the addition of large pockets of fat distributed throughout the meat—the very reason why this makes for a really great-tasting and juicy steak.

These cuts of beef are definitely the most popular that is used in making steaks not only in Australia but in the whole world as well. By knowing each of these cuts, you should be able to make better decisions when ordering steak in a restaurant or when you decide to buy some and cook them yourselves.

If you are looking for fresh and quality meats, please feel free to get in touch with us through our telephone line (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page or pay our store a visit. Whether you’re looking for fresh cuts of beef for steak, pork chops for grilling or chicken for roasting, we have them all for you and more.




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5 Reasons to Shop at an Organic Butcher in Sydney

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Buying meat from a trusted organic butcher in Sydney, such as Campisi Butchery, has a lot of benefits – ranging from keeping you healthy and active to preserving the environment. A number of studies have shown that gourmet meats bought from an organic butcher are the safest, healthiest and the most delicious meats you can get anywhere.

Contrary to the popular belief, organic gourmet meats are just a little bit more expensive than ordinary meats available at supermarkets. And there are some really convincing reasons why you should switch to a trustworthy organic butcher in Sydney if you haven’t already done so. Let’s have a look.

  1. Nutrition: Recent research has shown that organic meat products have a higher percentage of beneficial nutrients including antioxidants. Grass fed meat contains 20 percent more vitamin E, 60 percent more omega 3’s and twice or thrice the CLA. CLA has been shown to fight cancer and is also quite effective in burning unhealthy body fat.
  1. Reproductive Health: Conventionally produced meat contains excessive levels of harmful chemicals that have been linked to reduced fertility levels. You can give a boost to your reproductive health by simply switching to an organic butcher in Sydney to buy all your meat products.
  1. Immunity: Non-organic meat products contain chemicals that can adversely affect your immune system, and make you more prone to certain type of cancers and illnesses.
  1. Weight Gain and Hormone Imbalance: There is some clinical evidence that meat from animals that are raised using unethical practices, such as by injecting hormones, can actually make you gain weight by interfering with your own hormones.
  1. Unknown Harmful Effects: It’s a well known fact that mass-produced meat is procured from animals raised in an inhumane manner that are fed unproven diets laced with hormones and chemicals. Most of these chemicals are never tested for safety on humans. However, at an organic butcher in Sydney, you’ll find just the healthiest and the most scrumptious gourmet meats free from all such chemicals.

The easiest way to get started is to shop at a good organic butcher in Sydney. For the finest quality gourmet meats and a wide range of meat products, visit the leading organic butcher in Sydney – Campisi Butchery today!

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Gourmet Meats: The Delicious and Healthy Quail Meat



Gourmet meats come in a variety of form and taste, and when it comes to game meats, there is nothing quite like a succulent and flavourful quail meat. Quails are pretty small in nature, and as such, the single serving of quail meat would be around three to five ounces in size. So when shopping for quail meat, you may want to consider getting those two-breasts pack, because once you fall in love with it, you’ll definitely be wanting more.


Cooking Quail Meat

Unlike other kinds of gourmet meats where experts would usually recommend slow cooking methods, it is recommended that you cook quail using intermediate heat but on a very limited time – which shouldn’t go beyond ten minutes at least. This short cooking time and higher than usual cooking heat will help to ensure that the meat will not lose too much moisture. By doing so, you can expect a very ‘quail-ey’ taste, even more ‘gamey’ than you would expect from ordinary poultry, especially when you get them from an organic butcher. In addition, it tends to taste much sweeter. For a more enjoyable dish, try pairing quail meat with red wine.


Health Benefits of Quail Meat

One of the best reasons why you should consider eating quail gourmet meats instead of regular poultry meat are the health benefits. For instance, studies have shown that quail meat has lower fat content when compared to chicken since quail meat contains approximately only two grams in a single serving. That same single serving though, will have more protein than the same serving of chicken.

When it comes to lipids content, quail does have more of those unwanted saturated fats, but take note that it also has a higher content of the good, polyunsaturated fatty acids that you will need.

Aside from that, quail meat also contains loads of healthy minerals, like phosphorous, iron, copper, zinc and selenium. With regards to vitamins, quail meat has high content of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6. All in all, the mineral and vitamin content of quail meat is significantly higher than that of regular broiler.


Expect Top of the Line Quail Meat and Other Gourmet Meats Only from Campisi Butchery

Quail meat is indeed an excellent alternative to chicken, especially with regards to the health and nutritional considerations. More important that that though, is the unique, gamey taste that it provides which is sure to tickle the palate and enhance the dining experience. However, to fully enjoy these and more, be sure to get only your quail meat from a reputable game and gourmet meats butcher.

If you are looking for top of the line quail meat, then we’re here for you. Aside from quail meat though, we also have a variety of other game and gourmet meats including:

  • Goat
  • Rabbit
  • Spatchcock
  • Lamb
  • Veal
  • And many more

For more information about our range of meat products, you can get in touch with us through our telephone line (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page and we’ll be sure to get back to you real quick.



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Delight Your Guests by Serving the Best Varieties of Gourmet Meats




Yearning to sample exotic dishes is something that many people can identify with. Finding restaurants and hotels that offer an assortment of cuisines has become much easier nowadays. This change has come about because finding the ingredients for preparing these dishes has become easier. For instance, finding butcher shops that stock a diverse range of gourmet meats no longer presents any difficulty nowadays. As a result, using these items to provide gastronomical pleasure to your guests has become much easier.


What Kinds of Gourmet Meats Should You Consider Purchasing for Your Parties?

Throwing parties that people remember for days to come is hardly as easy as it might initially appear. In parties, the guests often focus on the food offered more than on anything else. This is why the discerning hosts will often pick various gourmet meats that will be sure to deliver a high-quality experience.

Some of the most popular kinds of gourmet meats that you should consider purchasing include:

  • Gourmet Hams: Whether spiral sliced or glazed, gourmet hams are sure to win you many admirers. Glazed hams denote hams made with a special mixture of spices, honey and sugar. These ingredients heighten the flavour of the ham, making it both salty and sweet.
  • Gourmet Turkeys: For people who prefer a milder taste, turkey breasts can be ideal. Smoked turkey breasts often come with or without the glaze. In addition, some butchers offer plain turkey breasts, while others add pepper.
  • Gourmet Bacons: Thick-cut smoked bacon comes in two flavours i.e. plain and peppered. You could fry the bacon to make it crispier. Consider complementing the bacon with fully-cooked pork loin. Simply heat and serve the pork loin with the peppered bacon on top.


Campisi’s Continental Butchery – Your One-Stop Butcher Shop for a Diverse Range of Meat Products in Sydney

If you’re looking for the best gourmet meats in Sydney, simply drop by Campisi’s Continental Butchery. We’re among the leading free-range butchers in the city. A family owned and operated business, we offer a wide range of traditional Italian and contemporary Australian cuts of meat. From beef to pork and from goat to veal, we have it all. Many people visit us for our award-winning range of home-style Southern Italian salumi plates. Comprising pork & fennel, chorizos and lamb, our salumi plates have enhanced our reputation considerably. For more details, call us at (02) 9826 6122.
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Choose from a Myriad of Gourmet Meats for Serving the Best Dishes at Your Party

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You would typically like to serve the best dishes at any party you’re organising. However, meat lovers could well have a taste for different kinds of meat. In this scenario, it might be better to purchase packaged gourmet meats. These would save you oodles of time in terms of preparing the dishes. At the same time, it would enable you to provide fare that delights your guests too.


What Kinds of Gourmet Meats Should You Consider Purchasing?

Any reputed butchery will offer a wide range of gourmet meats. These meats do not just vary in their methods of preparation or flavour. In many cases, you will be able to find numerous options within any category of products such as sausages or salumi. Given this backdrop, making your choice could be difficult. This is why it’s good to purchase a variety of items that would appeal to as many of your visitors as possible.

Some of the most popular items you must purchase include:

  • Gourmet Bacon: This refers to cured pork cut from the fatty sides of the belly. Butchers salt and cure the bacon initially, before drying it with or without wood smoke.
  • Gourmet Ham: This denotes a cut of pork from the leg of a pig. Butchers typically cook or cure ham, before smoking it in hickory and maple woods for enhancing its flavour.
  • Gourmet Beef and Steak: Each cut of beef has a distinctive flavour and texture. Many butchers enhance the flavours of these cuts with various ingredients. The tenderloin and sirloin are among the most popular cuts of beef.
  • Gourmet Chicken: People use this for preparing various dishes. From chicken breasts to drumsticks, these cuts of meat are easy to prepare and serve.


Are You Looking for the Best Organic Butcher in Sydney?

For the past 40 years, Campisi’s Continental Butchery has been the leading provider of organic meat in Sydney. A family owned business, we offer an enviable range of traditional Italian and contemporary Australian cuts of beef, pork, veal, goat, lamb and poultry. In addition, we supply an attractive range of gourmet meats as well. Furthermore, our award-winning range of home-style Southern Italian salumi plates is very popular too. Some of our most popular varieties of salumi comprise pancetta, salami, prosciutto and cacciatore. And, we stock sumptuous and flavourful handmade, natural skin sausages too. For some interesting recipes, click here.


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