Where the Many Cuts of Beef From?

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A gourmet butcher will always work with all parts of one’s cattle when finding the right cuts of beef. There are many areas on the cattle’s body where some of the best quality meats can come from.



The chuck is around the shoulder and neck of the cattle. It works well when it is cooked slowly. Flat iron steaks and chuck roasts are especially popular meats to have here.



The round is around the back part of the cattle and is a little fattier than other parts. It is roasted and dehydrated in many cases to create a fresh quality meat. It is tough in that it is hard to cut through unless you have something very sharp to work with. Even so, it can produce a great rump roast when prepared right.



The brisket is on the lower part of the cattle and is right underneath the chuck. It is often tough because it has lots of connective tissue. This is one of the best cuts of beef for barbecuing as it can come apart well when heated properly.



Another popular choice for barbecue needs, the ribs include great cuts that contain the best quality meats in most cases. Prime rib and rib-eye steaks are often prepared from this area. The meats here are tender and have plenty of juice to create a strong flavor all the way around.



The flank is a long cut that comes off of the abdominal muscles on the livestock. This is one of the toughest cuts of beef and as a result works best when braised. It works especially well in a London broil to create a good texture all the way around.



The loin is a part of the cow that comes from the back area right behind the ribs. It is often grilled as the key is to keep it dry. The T-bone steak is the most prominent thing you can get out of the loin.


All these options for cuts of beef are great worth looking into. Contact a gourmet butcher to see what you can get out of such meats.

Gourmet Butcher: Things You Should Know About Cuts of Beef

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At a trusted gourmet butcher shop, you’ll find more than just some popular cuts of beef. Experienced butchers have the skills to utilise most parts of the animal. Since they break down the whole animal, there are usually a number of cuts they can extract. There are some really popular ones that go off the shelves as soon as they arrive and then there are cuts of beef who are picked only by experienced buyers who are familiar with them.


How To Cook Different Cuts Of Beef?

According to experts, in order to find the best way to cook your meat is to first determine from where it is extracted. For instance cuts of beef that are procured from near the horns are tougher so they need to be cooked slowly and for a prolonged period of time. On the other hand, parts with less connective tissue can be cooked quickly at a higher temperature.

To make your shopping experience easier, experts from Campisi Butchery have prepared a brief guide detailing different sections and cuts of beef for you.

  • Round: This section is extracted from hind legs and rump of the animal. This is primarily a roast type meat but you can cook it in a number of ways. These are lean cuts mainly because of the hardworking muscles present in this section.
  • Sirloin: This section lies between short loin and top of the round section. This is quite a popular part of beef and meat from this section has just the right amount of tenderness and toughness.
  • Short Loin: Short loin is essentially the prized section of beef containing most of the expensive cuts such as tenderloins, T bones and porterhouses, among others.
  • Rib: Cuts of beef extracted from the rib section can be easily identified because of the presence of rib bones. Prime Rib and Rib Eye are some of the popular cuts from this section.
  • Chuck: This section of beef lies under the head, and it comprises of almost entire front portion including shoulder. Shoulder is one of the heaviest parts of the animal and has more cuts than in any other part. Chuck eye and roast as well as other cuts from this section respond well to slow cooking and work great in stews and soups.


For the most extensive variety of succulent cuts of beef and other meats, visit Sydney’s most loved gourmet butcherCampisi Butchery today!


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Picking the Right Cuts of Beef is Essential for Ensuring that Your Dish is Perfect



The local butchery is usually the best place to obtain fresh cuts of beef. Many Australians love beef and beef-based products. But, not many of them are aware of the different cuts of this variety of meat. It is worth mentioning that the taste and texture of a piece of beef will vary based on the part of the cow it comes from.


An Overview of the Various Cuts of Beef

The cuts of beef that meat wholesalers will typically provide include:

  • The Chuck: This comes from the shoulder and the neck area of the cow. This cut will be slightly tough. But, it will have a great flavour. People usually braise the chuck or cook it slowly with a crock pot.
  • The Rump (or Round): This is a lean cut of meat, with little fat. Located at the back of the cow, near the rear leg, this cut is good for roasting or braising with low levels of moisture.
  • The Brisket: This comes from the breast or the lower portion of the cow. It can be quite tough. This is why many people smoke or braise it.
  • The Ribs: This is one of the finest cuts of a cow. It is juicy and tender. Cook the ribs over dry heat for the best results.
  • The Short Plate: This comes from the front belly of the cow, beneath the ribs. It is fatty and tough because it contains a lot of cartilage. This is why people usually braise this cut.
  • The Flank: This denotes a long, flat cut from the abdominal muscles of the cow. Braising this cut yields the best results because of its toughness.


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Top Three Cuts of Beef for Steak


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Gourmet meats like those used for creating those wonderfully delicious steaks can be rather expensive. Because of this, it is only natural that you’ll want to know what you’re paying for—that is, how is each cut of beef used for steak different from the others. Knowing these details will help ensure that you buy the right kind of beef that you like best, whether that be one with a big beefy flavour or the most tender cut you can find.



First off is the tenderloin, which is also often referred to in some places as filet mignon or just filet. Accordingly, it is the most tender of all the cuts of beef used for steak, and also one that is very lean and has a fine-grained texture. It has a mild beef flavour, but at the same time buttery. The tenderloin comes from the short loin and sirloin and is located under the ribs. Tenderloins are also small and compact, which is why they are cut thicker than other types of cuts of beef used for steak. It should be noted that this is also considered to be the most expensive cut of steak that you can order from a restaurant or buy from a butcher’s shop.



Although it is sometimes called as the T-bone, there are subtle differences between the two, mainly in the size. A porterhouse should be as least an inch and a quarter wide, while a T-bone should only be about half an inch. Either way, this cut of beef comes from the cross-section of the unfilleted short loin, and as the name suggests, has a t-shaped bone on it. Many people love this cut because of the beefy, juicy and buttery taste, as well as the generous marbling that spreads across the whole of the mear.


Rib Eye

Lastly, we have the rib eye or as called in some places scotch fillet or entrecote. This cut of beef is taken from the upper rib cage, and has a really super beefy and flavourful taste. When you visit a butcher’s shop and take a look at the rib eye, you will see that it has lost of fat marbling with the addition of large pockets of fat distributed throughout the meat—the very reason why this makes for a really great-tasting and juicy steak.

These cuts of beef are definitely the most popular that is used in making steaks not only in Australia but in the whole world as well. By knowing each of these cuts, you should be able to make better decisions when ordering steak in a restaurant or when you decide to buy some and cook them yourselves.

If you are looking for fresh and quality meats, please feel free to get in touch with us through our telephone line (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page or pay our store a visit. Whether you’re looking for fresh cuts of beef for steak, pork chops for grilling or chicken for roasting, we have them all for you and more.




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Organic Butcher in Sydney: A Guide to Buying Meat


Off late, people are getting more and more interested in opting for organic and local food options for them. This stems from the fact that there are a number of incredible health benefits of shopping from a trustworthy organic butcher in Sydney – instead of picking up another cold cut from the supermarket.


Why shop at a butcher shop?

Simply put, experienced butchers at any trusted butcher shop, such as Campisi Butchery, are just best at what they do. This is their specialization, after all, and they definitely deliver. Nobody knows how to handle meat better than professional butchers, and once you buy some meat from a reputable organic butcher in Sydney, you will never go back to a supermarket. That’s our assurance!

Not only do you get to support butchers practicing their art, you get a wide variety of meats. Many of these shops also have their own speciality cuts that you will definitely enjoy.


A Variety of Options- Only For You!

With a trusted organic butcher in Sydney, such as Campisi Butchery, you get to choose the kind of meat you want and the kind of cut as well. This will make cooking and storing so much easier for you. Moreover, you also get healthier, tastier organic meat. This is ideal for those who are trying to get healthy, and want to make sure they have the healthiest option when it comes to meat. This gives people with allergies a chance to eat some quality meat as well.


How to purchase from the butchers’ shop?

You purchase meat from a butcher shop the same way you would purchase it from the store- except you can tell them how you want the meat. You can tell them what kind of cuts of beef, what kind of meat, and how you would like it packed.

If you don’t know the answer to all these questions yourself, you can always ask the butchers. They know all about their meat, and they will be more than happy to assist you in the buying process. If you want to experience the numerous health benefits of high quality organic meat, visit Campisi Butchery today!



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Get the Best Quality Gourmet Meat from the Leading Free-Range Butcher in Sydney

Oftentimes, the best dishes comprising quality meat remain the focus of the main dishes served at meals. This is true regardless of whether you’re eating at home or at leading restaurants. At the same time, meat does not need to be the main ingredient in a dish either. For example, many dishes abound that use meat as one among other ingredients. These include salads, stews, pies, pizzas, spreads etc. Continue reading…