How to Distinguish Cured Meat from Uncured Meat

cured meat


The regular consumption of meat can boost your health considerably. Medical experts have highlighted that meat remains filled with various nutrients and quality proteins. In the past, people did not have modern conveniences like fridges to store meat and prevent it from perishing. So, they relied on a technique known as curing to preserve the meat. Cured meats have become quite popular in recent times. This is because these meats are easily available throughout the year. What makes them even more delightful though, is the potent flavour that typically characterises these products.

What is the Difference Between Cured Meat and Uncured Meat?

Butchers typically use salt for preserving the meat. Salt disrupts the cellular activity that takes place because of the proliferation of bacteria. Without salt, the meat would perish very rapidly. Butchers also smoke the meat to prevent it from getting rancid. Lastly, many butchers use nitrates or nitrites in one form or another for curing the meat. These substances enhance the colour and the flavour of the meat. In addition, they also eliminate Clostridium botulinum – the bacteria responsible for causing botulism.

To distinguish cured meats from uncured ones, examine their texture, colour and aroma. In cured meats, the muscle fibres will be slightly denser. In addition, cured meats will have a delicate rosy colour because of the presence of nitrates and nitrites. This distinctive ruddiness is easily discernible as opposed to the pale colours of uncured meats or the deep read colour that beef typically has. In terms of flavour, cured meat will easily surpass the flavour of uncured meats. During the curing process, cured meat develops deep and complex flavours because of the combined action of enzymes, beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Uncured meat will depend on the spices and herbs that you use to heighten its flavour.

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