Free range butcher: 3 Amazing Benefits of Free Range Chicken

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Should you consider switching to a free range butcher? That actually depends on whether things like high nutrition value and responsible farming methods mean anything to you. Let’s have a look at a few benefits of buying free range meats.

  1. More Nutrition – There are proven health benefits of eating meats and chicken purchased from a trusted free range butcher over an ordinary one. Recent studies have shown that free-range meats have almost 50% more good fats, especially omega 3’s, than traditionally raised animals.
    Moreover, the overall fat in grass fed animals is lower than in conventionally raised animals. Animals living in unhygienic conditions often run the risk of catching infections. On the other hand, free range animals are free from antibiotics, pesticides and artificial hormones, and thus, are a healthier option.
  1. Healthier Animals: When you choose a free range butcher to buy your meat and chicken portion, you’re ensuring the well being of animals. They are not given any artificial hormones or antibiotics. Moreover, organic feed, grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified products, is given to free range animals.
    Consuming traditionally raised chicken and meat can cause antibiotic resistance and a number of other health ailments in humans. Make sure that you shop at a trusted free range butcher in Sydney like Campisi Butchery for maximum health benefits.
  1. Better Taste: People who have tasted free range chicken have admitted that it tastes far better than conventional chicken portions. The reason may be the better quality feed and a healthier treatment given to free-range animals. Chicken portions derived from free-range birds tend to be more delicious and juicier than conventionally raised chickens.


Since free range animals lead a healthier everyday life and consume more nutritious diet, they have usually more muscle mass and that results in superior texture and a better flavour.

At Campisi Butchery, we really care about the health of our animals. So, we make sure that we procure our animals from highly reliable sources. For more information, get in touch with our expert butchers at Campisi Butchery today!


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Meat Wholesalers: Save Money when Buying Meat

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When visiting groceries or butcher shops, shoppers usually see whole dressed chicken sold alongside smaller chicken portions. Buying the smaller portions of course can be more convenient and may seem practical. However, what many don’t realize is that it’s more practical to buy the whole chicken (or the whole pig or any other animal) than buying the cut out portions. Why so?


More Portions, More Flavour

Buying whole animals from meat wholesalers and butcher shops has a great advantage. That is, you are able to keep those parts which aren’t usually included in pre-packaged retail meat. This includes the bones and the fat, which are usually trimmed off from the meat.

Now, you may ask why you would want to keep these if the butchers themselves discard them. One reason: flavour—yes, using the bone (and marrow) and fat can make most dishes more flavourful. You can also use them in making soups and stocks, something which many cooks actually do. Many restaurants that buy wholesale meat from meat wholesalers usually make their soup stocks using these ‘unwanted’ portions.


Buying Small Animals Wholesale

Poultry products like chicken, quail, turkey and others can be bought whole from butcher shops and meat wholesalers. The same is true for small animals like rabbits. These can be bought home in a bag and be butchered and cut to smaller portions at home. It doesn’t even require advanced slaughtering and butchering skills to do so. If you’re really interested, you can go online and watch videos on techniques on how to properly do this.


Buying Bigger Animals Wholesale

Bigger animals though like cattle, pig, sheep and others may require a different approach. If, for example, you are having a large roasting party, you can buy the whole animal from meat wholesalers and butcher shops. If you have the right tools and are pretty handy with knives, you can do the butchering yourself at home. However, you can also ask them to butcher them for you, though additional fees may be included in your purchase.

Also, bigger animals like those mentioned above are also sold in parts at wholesale prices. They can be bought in half and even quarter carcasses. You can then cut these down into smaller portions and freeze them for a later time. Keep in mind though that not all meat wholesalers and butcher shops sell them this way. Thus, you’ll want to ask them first if they do before putting your money down.

So the next time you’re out shopping for meat, do consider purchasing wholesale or whole meat. In most case, you’ll get more bang for your buck by doing so.


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Does Marbling in Cuts of Beef Really Matter?

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Different people will have different opinions as to what makes a good steak. Some will say it’s the flavour and juiciness, while others say its tenderness. But whichever one you choose to follow, do know that all those characteristics can be attributed in part to marbling. In fact, cuts of beef with the most marbling are deemed to be tenderer and more flavourful.

This is why many steak houses talk with pride about how well-marbled their steaks are. When you order one of those well-marbled steak from reputable steak houses, you can be sure that you’ll get a steak that is rich in flavour, juicy, and tender. Keep in mind also that these cuts of beef can be very expensive.

Beef marbling actually refers to the fat interspersed between the beef’s fibre muscles. In raw cuts of beef, these appears like white lines running through the meat.

Now, there are people who argue against marbling and prefer lean meat. But come to think of it, all beef—even grass-fed beef—has fat. However, it won’t have as much fat as grain-finished beef. Besides, fat actually helps to improve the taste of steaks making them more delectable and satisfying. Of course, this will actually depend on personal taste and preferences.

Cuts of beef that have the most marbling are those that come from muscles that don’t get exercised a lot. For example, muscles at the back or top of the cow gets the least exercise and use.

The rib-eye though, is considered as the most well-marbled cut available taken from the rib section of the cow. It simply is the most tender and juiciest cuts of beef according to steak connoisseurs from around the world. And all that mouth-watering goodness actually comes from the generous marbling in it.

Of course, opinions will still differ in this regard. As such, it is best that you do your own tests and come up with your own conclusion. Talk to experts in a butcher shop to help you with your decision.

If you are looking for well-marbled, flavourful and juicy cuts of beef, do drop by our butcher shop. We are located at Fifteenth Ave., West Hoxton NSW. We are open from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm on Mondays thru Fridays and from 7 am – 1 pm on Saturdays. You can also call us up at (02) 9826 6122 for all your enquiries. We also have a wide range of meat like pork, lamb, chicken portions and many others.


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Meat Wholesalers: Understanding Your Meats

If you’re tired of preparing the same old bland tasting dishes for your loved ones every day, you’ll be glad to know that there are healthier and tastier options too. You might not have given much attention to the quality of meat till now, but you just need to taste a leg of lamb or chicken portions at a trustworthy organic butcher. Trust us; you’ll never buy supermarket meat again.

What’s more, due to the availability of a huge variety of meat products at local meat wholesalers, you can change your meal plans almost every day of the week. Whether you opt for scrumptious chicken portions, a juicy leg of lamb or heavenly steaks at Campisi butchery, you can conveniently substitute any ordinary dish with these healthier and more delicious options. Let’s have a look at some commonly asked questions about various meat products so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Is Eating Red Meat Healthier For You?

Any meat dish, for instance a leg of lamb, can be used to make a sensible and nutritious diet plan. Lamb is a rich source of nutrients and is at par with the lean meat when it comes to nutrition profile. You’ll get less than 175 calories from a 3 ounce of leg of lamb. Moreover, lamb meat contains more amounts of (almost 4 times) omega 3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acids than in other options.


Why Is It Important That Chicken Is Thoroughly Cooked?

Though trusted butchers make sure that they maintain a very high level of hygiene in their premises, raw meat products can still contain harmful bacteria. However, you don’t need to worry. Normal cooking temperature is enough to destroy all the bacteria. All you need to do is follow some good hygiene practices, cook your chicken thoroughly, and you’ll be fine. Another important thing you can do is buy your chicken portions and other meat products from a trusted local butcher such as Campisi Butchery.


Why Should I Buy My Meat From A Local Butcher In Sydney?

When it comes to buying your meat products including, chicken portions and leg of lamb, choosing a local butcher makes a perfect sense.  Since the raw meats are not sourced from any far off destination, they tend to be more fresh, delicious and healthier. Moreover, local meat products are easily traceable and it also boosts the local economy.

Each one of the items available at Campisi Butchery is of top-notch quality, and our raw meats are sourced by keeping our stringent standards in mind. With decades of experience, knowledge and trust, Campisi Butchery is your one-stop butcher shop for all your meat needs. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery today!

Quality Meats: Beef Grading

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Creating the perfect steak all starts with using high quality beef. In fact, it is the most important factor that will contribute to the flavour of your steak. With high quality meats of beef, you won’t even need to use seasonings or marinades if you make use of high quality meat because the flavour will be more than enough. In order to find the best kinds of meat though, you need to be familiar with how they are graded.



Quality meats under this category are considered to be the best in all major aspects, and needless to say, the most expensive ones. For instance, prime meat has the most generous amount of marbling which makes it more flavourful. Because prime meat is mostly taken from younger animals, they are also more tender and more succulent than other grades of meat. Prime meat can be rather difficult to find, and the most common places you’ll see them is in high-end steakhouses. There are some butcher shop that sell prime meat, but you’ll have to do your research well in order to find them.



Accordingly, these quality meats are second to prime meats in terms of quality. They are much easier to find since they are usually readily available in most meat stores and butcher shops. Although not as much as the prime meat, choice meat also has a good amount of marbling and a slightly coarser texture. Though they are cheaper than prime meat, expect to pay an expensive price for high quality choice beef.



These is at the bottom of the list, since this has the lowest quality of all quality meats. They have less marbling, which means that they are not as flavorful as the other two grades mentioned above, and they tend to be tougher and have coarser texture. As such, these kinds of meat are usually used for canning or other similar products. They are also sold in some butcher shop or meat shops, and are even used in some restaurants’ dishes. When cooking these kinds of meat, it is best to marinade them or use some tenderizer since they are mostly difficult to chew.

High quality meat is essential if you are after that perfect tasting steak. No marinade, seasoning, or cooking or grilling technique can ever mask the taste of poor quality meats. If you are looking for quality meats like top of the line beef, pork or even chicken portions, feel free to drop by our butcher shop anytime.



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Tips for Perfectly Grilled Chicken Portions

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Grilled chicken is a staple of many backyard cook-outs and barbeque parties. However, as many can attest, grilling or barbequing chicken portions is no mean feat as there are a myriad of things that can go wrong in the process. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most common problems that you may encounter while grilling chicken and how to deal with them.


Bland and Tasteless Chicken

It sometimes happens that people often rely too much on their barbeque sauce and dips when it comes to creating that perfect grilled chicken. However, a perfectly grilled chicken can and should taste great even without sauces. The best way to achieve this is to liberally season the chicken before putting them in the grill. There is also a trick that many chefs use called brining, which is to soak the chicken portions in saltwater solution overnight. This allows the chicken to absorb the salt and contribute to the flavor and at the same time help keep the grilled chicken moist.


Burnt Barbeque Sauce

People usually brush the chicken with barbeque sauce as they grill them. They tend to do this throughout the whole cooking process, sometimes even as soon as they lay the chicken portions on the grill. The result is more often than not a burnt barbeque sauce, which actually makes the sauce, and consequently the chicken, taste bitter. What the more experienced chefs do is to hold the barbeque sauce and apply it only a few minutes before the chicken is taken off the grill.


Burnt Outside, Raw Inside

This is probably one of the most frustrating things when it comes to grilling chicken. You think the chicken is cooked right, then when you slice or bite into it, you see the inside of the chicken still ridden with blood. One reason why this happens is because of the burnt sauce, which gives cooks the false impression that the chicken is cooked. Another reason is that the grill temperature is too high. To fix this, create two zones in your grill, one with a hot side and another with a cool side. Use the former to brown and crisp the chicken and the latter to thoroughly cook it. When placing the chicken on the cool side, cover it as this traps heat and provides a more even cooking temperature for the chicken.

Grilled chicken is definitely one of the best and tastiest ways to prepare chicken portions, but it does have its challenges. In order to get great tasting chicken though, you’ll need to start with buying fresh and quality meat from your local butcher shop or if you prefer from a free range butcher. If you are looking for such, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page.



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3 Tips to Choose Right Chicken Portions for You



Perhaps the question, “what are healthy chicken portions for you” is even more important than asking “who are the best butchers in Sydney to buy your chicken from”. Though people know that lean meat is always healthy regardless of the quantity they want to consume, there are some important considerations that can help you order just the ideal chicken portions suitable for your needs. Let’s have a look at a few important things to consider.

  1. Serving size: When prepared with the right ingredients, chicken portions are not only delicious but they also form one of the healthiest low-calorie diets we can eat today. However, it’s a good idea determine the right size of chicken portions before including it in your diet. According to dieticians, the recommended serving of protein per day for healthy adult men is 6 1/2 oz. And including chicken in your diet routine is an affordable and delicious way to get your daily dose of protein.
  1. Nutrition: Consuming chicken portions containing 3 oz chicken breast will provide you 150 calories (5 gm fat and 7 mg cholesterol). On the other hand, chicken drumsticks of the same serving size but with skin will provide you 230 calories (75 mg cholesterol and 15 gm fat). So, it depends a lot on the type of meal you choose to consume.
  1. Cooking style: if you’re watching your calories, it’s important to cook chicken with the right cooking style. For instance you’ll get around 130 calories from a grilled 3 oz skinless chicken breast. But when you consume the same amount of chicken fried, you’ll get more than 160 calories along with 4 gram of fat. So, try to choose a cooking style by keeping your fitness goals in mind.


Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you can never go wrong with high quality chicken portions bought from a trusted butchers in Sydney, such as Campisi Butchery. An experienced butcher will also help you pick just the right chicken portions to meet your exact needs. For more guidance, visit Campisi Butchery in Sydney today.



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Chicken Portions Basics: Chicken Breasts

chicken portions


When it comes to chicken portions, chicken breasts remain to be one of the favourites among many shoppers everywhere. This is mainly because chicken breasts are known to be the most nutritious and best-tasting parts of a chicken. Aside from being one of the best sources of protein, there are many other benefits that comes with cooking and eating chicken breasts.

In general, chicken meat has lower fat content than any other types of common commercial meat. However, take note that the way you cook it will affect this factor. For instance, deep frying chicken breasts (or any other chicken portions for that matter) will definitely increase the fat content of the chicken meat. Still, chicken breasts will still have lower fat content than any other chicken portion even if it is cooked this way. This makes it the ideal chicken portion for those who are watching their fat intake. It is also said that chicken breasts contain no carbohydrates, making it suitable for people on a no or low carb diet.  But aside from this, there are many other vitamins and nutrients which can be derived from chicken breasts, such as the following:

Vitamin B3. Also known as niacin, this vitamin is essential for converting carbohydrates into energy, and one serving of chicken have been found to provide at least 70% out of the recommended daily dietary allowance needed by the body.

Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 or panthotenic acid works the same way as vitamin B3, converting fat and carbohydrates into energy that the body needs. Aside from that though, panthothenic acid also helps in promoting healthier skin and nails. Typically, a serving of chicken breast should cover at least 10% of the recommended daily allowance.

Vitamin B6. It has been found that chicken breasts are one of the best sources of vitamin B6, which is vital in the formation of certain chemicals as well as the red blood cells in our bodies. In addition, it helps to convert glycogen into glucose, providing energy readily available for use should the body need it. In general, a typical serving should contain at least 30% of the recommended daily allowance.

Aside from these vitamins, other essential nutrients can be derived from chicken breasts like amino acids, phosphorous, potassium, and selenium to name a few.

For all these reasons, you should definitely consider chicken breasts the next time you’re looking over the chicken portions counter in your local butcher shop.

If you are looking for chicken breasts, chicken thighs, or any other chicken portions and other types of meat from a free range butcher, please feel free to drop by our shop or give us a call at (02) 9826 6122. You can also leave a message in our contact page and we’ll be sure to get back to you soon as we can.




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Chicken Portions 101: Kinds of Chicken Meat Cuts (And How to Cook Them)

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Like any other kinds of meat, chickens also have their own particular cuts. There are several cuts of chicken, as you may have observed when you visit your favorite free range butcher shop (or any other meat shop for that matter). These cuts may actually vary from one shop to another, but the ones outlined below are some of the most common cuts that you will see.

Half- Cut Chicken. This is simply what it says it is – a whole chicken cut in half. The chicken is split from front to back, thereby leaving each half with a wing and a leg. Like whole chicken, one of the best ways to cook half-cut chicken is to roast it.

Breast Quarters. This chicken cut includes a portion of the breast, the back and the whole wing. There are many different ways to cook breast quarters which includes roasting, grilling, and several others. You can also bake them, but you may want to baste it more in order to keep and add moisture. Remember, this is all white meat, and certain cooking methods may leave it dry and lacking in flavour.

Split Breasts. Chicken breasts are cut from the breast quarters, separating it from the wings. These are sold with or without the bones and the skin. Chicken breasts can be grilled, baked, or pan-fried. Again, be careful of overcooking it since it may dry out. They are also great for sandwiches (you’ll need to flake them though).

Wings. Chicken wings are cut from the shoulder and includes everything else up to the tip of the wing. However, many butchers cut the tip out. The wings can be divided further to smaller units – that is, from the shoulder to the elbow – and are sold as ‘wing drummettes’.

Whole Leg. This portion of the chicken includes the thighs and the legs. There is another cut quite similar called ‘leg quarters’. However, unlike leg quarters, the whole leg cut doesn’t usually include a portion of the back.

Thighs. These are parts of the leg which are cut above the joint of the knee. Like split breasts, thighs can be deboned and sold without the skin.

Drumsticks. This refers to the lower part of the whole chicken leg, cut from the knee to the hock. This is probably the most popular portion of the chicken, as it is commonly used in ‘fried chicken’ served in many fast food restaurants worldwide.

Again these are the common chicken portions you will see in the meat shop. If you’re looking for fresh and excellent chicken meat, lamb, beef, or pork, please feel free to get in touch with us at (02) 9826 6122 or visit our shop (shop hours are indicated in our contact page).




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Butcher in Sydney: Get the Best Meat for the Best Tasting Meals

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There is something rather enticing about purchasing your meat from a trusted butcher in Sydney. While large grocery chains are good for some specific reasons, they lack the specialization that well-established butcher shops have. Butcher shops are run by people, who understand meat, can pick the best meat and chicken portions for whatever dishes you are making and give you the best possible tips too for a great value for money experience.


Why shop at a butcher’s shop?

There are many reasons why a butcher shop is good to buy your meat from- especially now, when you can order whatever you want online. You can choose from a wide range of meats, all of which are chosen specifically for you as any experienced butcher in Sydney knows the taste of his clients quite well. Meat products are prepared to perfection, so you can use them whenever you want.

A renowned butcher shop, such as Campisi Butchery, only uses the finest quality of meat- so you will never have to worry about the taste of your meals. Just order whatever cuts of whatever meat you want, and we will make sure it gets to you in the right condition. We can even help you select the best cuts for your meals.


Step Up Your Cooking Game!

One of the biggest problems while cooking is the amount of time it takes to choose the right meat for your dish- and cutting it accordingly. When you shop at Campisi Butchery, you don’t have to worry about that. Just tell us what your plans are, and we will provide you with the right products desired. Our ready-to-eat meat home style menu will definitely blow your mind- here are some of the meat options you can choose from:

  • Veal roast
  • Beef roast
  • Pork roast
  • Pork Loin Roast
  • Lamb shanks
  • Pork ribs
  • Beef Ribs
  • Pulled Pork
  • Buffalo chicken wings
  • Whole chicken/chicken portions

Our business runs on the principle that it is all about the customer’s wants- and this is why we take our services to the next level. Not only do you get the finest cuts of the best meat available- every order of the Ready-to-Eat meals come with sweet potato and baked potatoes/carrots/gravy jus! So, what are you waiting for? Visit Campisi Butchery today!



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