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Hosting a party or a dinner can be quite taxing on the nerves. You need to stay on top of a myriad of details to ensure that the event goes off successfully. From settling the menu to keeping your guests entertained, you will certainly have your hands full. In this scenario, if you plan to do some cooking yourself, you will be hard-pressed for time. Typically, many people prepare a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for their parties. The choice of dishes is useful in keeping the guests satisfied. Therefore, people who love meat could feast on their chicken portions or on some delectable cuts of beef. Similarly, those who have an aversion to meat-based dishes could focus on the vegetarian dishes on offer.

Gourmet Meat – A Useful Assortment of Meat Products to Serve at a Party or Dinner

Gourmet meat is quite similar to regular meat. The only difference between the two is that the producers of gourmet meat often have to raise or prepare gourmet meat in a specialised manner. This is because they often need to follow the specifications prescribed to comply with some exacting standards.

Traditionally, meat-based dishes will be a part of the main course of any meal. However, people usually serve gourmet meats as entrees, snacks and appetisers. This is why you could probably consider having gourmet meat with just about any meal. Gourmet meat will typically comprise items such as:

  • Smoked meat
  • Canned meat
  • Cold meat
  • Raw meat or,
  • Cooked meat

It is worth noting that you could well come across various cuts of meat in gourmet meats as well, when you visit the local butcher shop in Sydney or other cities. As is the case with regular cuts of meat, cuts of gourmet meat will vary in tenderness and flavour. In addition, they will also vary in terms of nutrients and protein, fat, cholesterol and calorie content.

What are the Most Popular Kinds of Gourmet Meat?

A casual visit to the local butchery would reveal the immense options available in gourmet meat products. However, the following kinds of meat remain popular among many people who relish their gourmet meat.

  • Gourmet Bacon: This denotes cured pork cut from the fatty sides of the belly. Producers salt and cure the bacon, before drying it with or without wood smoke. Typically, much of the fat content melts away during the cooking process. Despite this, gourmet bacon has a high fat content. Gourmet bacon often comes spiced with apple, maple or mesquite. You could purchase gourmet bacon in thick or thin slices. Alternatively, you could consider purchasing a slab (or a block) too.
  • Gourmet Ham: This is a cut of pork from the leg of the pig. Producers first cook, cure or smoke the ham with spices such as hickory and maple wood. This enhances the flavour. Producers also prepare gourmet ham as bone-in, boneless or partially boned cuts. The most popular varieties of gourmet ham include Serrano Ham, Jambon de Paris, Coppa Ham and Prosciutto Crudo.
  • Gourmet Beef: Beef comes in various cuts, of which the tenderloin is the tenderest cut. The filet mignon comes from the tenderloin. Other cuts include the rib, short loin, sirloin, which come from the upper to the mid-back area of the cow.
  • Gourmet Chicken: A staple in many regions across the globe, gourmet chicken is extremely popular. It might be a little more expensive than the regular variety. However, this is because these chickens are hormone and antibiotic free.

Are You Looking for the Best Organic Butcher in Sydney?

At Campisi’s Continental Butchery, you can rest assured of receiving the best quality meats. For the past 38 years, we have established our credentials by supplying meat and meat products of the highest quality possible. To achieve this, we only receive our supplies from a selected group of top quality breeders and suppliers.

All our efforts remain centred on providing high-quality products in a clean and hygienic environment. Thus, our popularity comes as no surprise. To get the best meat products for your party, consider checking out our store on the 15th Avenue at West Hoxton. Alternatively, you could call us at (02) 9826 6122 to see what we have in stock too.

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