Quick Tips on the Aspects to Consider when Purchasing Gourmet Meats

Gourmet Meats – A Must-Have Item on the Menu in Any Party

Keeping the guests entertained and delighted is the prerogative of the host. Therefore, whenever the hosts throw a party, they make it a point to ensure that their guests are having a good time.

Oftentimes, guests enjoy themselves at a party that offers sumptuous food along with vintage wine. It might seem unfair to the host that a party’s enjoyable quotient often boils down to the fare on offer. However, seasoned hosts know that the surest way to win the appreciation of their guests lies in delighting the guests gastronomically.

Food is not just a necessity of life. These days, people do not eat food merely for sustaining themselves. Rather, they eat food to enjoy or to relish an experience. The simplest way to ensure that your guests have an amazing experience is to provide gourmet meat and other food items.

How to Purchase Gourmet Meat from the Local Butchery

Connoisseurs of fine dining know that producing gourmet meats involves a certain art. Similarly, buying gourmet meat also involves certain skills. Clearly, if you want your guests to enjoy these delicacies, you need to get your meat from the butcher shop in the best possible condition.

When you visit a gourmet butcher shop, you would come across several meat products. Choosing from among them can be quite an overwhelming experience. Therefore, consider the following aspects, when you head out to purchase gourmet meat:

  • The Cut of the Meat: There are three types of cuts to choose from. These include:
    • Whole Cuts: These denote cooked pure meat or poultry sections
    • Formed (or Sectioned) Cuts: These comprise combinations of various kinds of meat, mixed with an assortment of additives and,
    • Processed Meats: These denote finely chopped and seasoned meats inserted into casings
  • The Slice: The slice of the meat often determines how well you would enjoy it. For example, you would enjoying eating some meat products in thin slices. Similarly, you would enjoy eating other meat products in chunky compositions. Therefore, ensure that the butcher slices the meat according to your preference. You could even try purchasing gourmet meats that come in pre-sliced packages.
  • The Time of Purchase: Always purchase the finest gourmet meat as close to the time of consumption as possible. Doing so would keep the freshness and the flavour of the delicacy intact.
  • The Quantity or Amount: Depending on the number of guests you have, consider purchasing the appropriate amount of meat. Purchasing too little could be an embarrassment, while purchasing too much might result in the wastage of good quality meat.

Campisi Butchery – The Italian Butchery in Your Neighbourhood

For nearly 38 years, Campisi’s Continental Butchery has been providing fresh meat and meat products to its clients. We offer a wide range of quality meat products. These include traditional Italian and Australian contemporary cuts of beef, pork, veal, lamb, goat and poultry. We also provide an award-winning range of the typical Southern Italian salumi plate. This includes items such as Coppa and Pancetta.

Therefore, when you need the best meat for your parties, visit our store on 15th Avenue, West Hoxton. Or, call us at (02) 9826 6122 to check what we have in stock.

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