Veal Schnitzel



Traditional, simple veal schnitzel is a boneless veal steak that’s cut very thin and placed between cling film and beaten into thin pieces. On two separate plates spread flour and breadcrumbs and a bowl of lightly beaten eggs. Light seasoning, salt and pepper, can be added to the flour. Cover the meat in flour, then egg and finally the breadcrumbs. There’s no need to press the breadcrumbs into the meat – it should form a relatively loose coating on the meat. Now fry in hot oil until golden brown – approximately 4 minutes on each side. Remove, drain and serve with boiled potatoes smothered in a buttery parsley sauce.


Variations on veal schnitzel:

The basic principle for schnitzel is the same whatever meat you are using. However, as with many simple dishes, variations are only limited by your imagination. Adding herbs, spices and flavors to the flour creates an endless set of variations on this theme. Veal cutlets have a nice, light flavor so subtle herbs like parsley work well. For a stronger taste use a sprig of rosemary. Apart from cutlets, both the topside of veal and rump steaks can be used to create delicious veal schnitzel.