Veal Roast



Pot Roast Veal:

Although commonly found in the form of cutlets, veal comes in a range of cuts. A rolled shoulder of veal makes an excellent, tender cut that’s great for pot roasting. Thyme, a little citrus juice (orange is a great accompaniment) and a light stock (chicken or vegetable), along with a dash of white wine make a perfect combination when cooking the roast. Add garlic in the flesh of the meat and chop spring onions to add to the pot. Whole baby carrots and parsnips can be added to the pot as well. Heat the oven to 350F, while browning the meat in a frying pan. Add all the ingredients (except vegetables) to the pot, cover and place in the oven for an hour. Add the vegetables at this point and cook for one more hour. Serve sliced into thin strips.

Veal cutlets in a Parmesan crust:

The traditional cutlet of veal is popular in France and Italy. For the perfect Italian touch, just add a simple Parmesan crumb coating to the cutlets. Combine breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan, salt and pepper together. Then dip each cutlet in a little egg. Dip the cutlets in the mixture and then fry in a non-stick pan. Frying time should be four to five minutes on each side, producing a medium cooked cutlet. Veal is at its best when cooked on the rarer side.