Veal Osso Buco



Osso Buco is veal beef shanks that are lightly breaded. The recipe is very rich and flavorful. Many people pair Osso Buco with white wine, it is typically found in many luxury restaurants. The meat is usually slow braised giving the bones and the meat intense flavor. In many cases the marrow inside the shank bones will carry a brilliant taste of the broth and spices. In fact you may decide to braise the meat with it.


Tomato Osso Buco:

Many people choose to add a chopped tomatoes to the traditional Osso Buco, which makes a tomato sauce. A tomato based sauce for veal is made with a puree and meat stock. Simply braise the meat or brown the meat, then slowly stew it in a blend of beef stock and tomato puree. Allow the meat to absorb all of the flavors.

White Wine Osso Buco:

A bit of white wine you can help really unlock the flavor of this piece of meat. Create a white wine reduction with chicken stock, spices and white wine and allow the meat to tenderize as it cooks. Use the sauce sparingly and let the wine dissolve into the meat as you cook it. The veal comes out with a fantastic flavor.