Veal Neck



Veal Neck chops are used for roasts, stews or as a meal on its own. Many people enjoy using these for stews, because the neck can contain bones and cartilage. Veal is still more than beef, but this cut needs more time to soften. The upper neck cuts tend to be the toughest. Lower neck cuts can contain part of the neck bone as well as a portion of the veal breast, which contains some of the tastiest part of the young cow.


Veal casserole:

Veal neck can be perfect for casseroles and stews, because when slow cooked the veal can be tender. Consider adding veal neck or portions of veal neck chops to stews or your favorite casserole. The veal gives your meal some new flavors and is very hearty. Combine potatoes, veal neck, bacon peas and onions to make the perfect casserole for entertaining friends.

Slow cooked Veal neck:

Put veal neck chops with some vegetables into a slow cooker. Allowing them to absorb the seasoning and flavors of the veggies allows the chops to take on the flavors. This is one of the best ways to cook the upper portion of the neck. It makes the meat so tender that it falls away from any bone.