Fennel Sausage



The pork sausage is at the same time one of the humblest of foodstuffs and yet one that has a history of variety.  Sausages can be created using any type of meat but the traditional pork is one of the most widespread.  The technique is simple, using up any spare meat from the butchery process, mincing it, chopping it and stuffing it into a skin, usually one made from intestines.  The process ensures that nothing is wasted in the process and this has made it popular with butchers and consumers alike.  While any left over meat can be used the trend is for high quality sausages and pork cuts, with low fat content.  The secret to many sausage recipes is in the added ingredients and combinations of spices and herbs can be used to create any number of flavors.  For a spicy twist try fennel and chili sausages.


Grilled fennel and chili sausages; grilling is one of the simplest ways to cook sausages, easy, quick and healthy.  Fat content is reduced, although good quality fennel and chili sausages will contain less fatty meat.  Grill under a moderate heat, turning occasionally to brown each side.  The sausages should be cooked right through before serving which will take around 25 to 30 minutes.


Sausages of any variety also bake/roast well.  Heat the oven to 200C and, as in grilling, turn the sausages regularly.  Given the spicy bite to sausages containing chillies a simple accompaniment is mashed potato.  For richer taste add sweet potato to the mix or butternut squash which adds a deep nutty flavour the compliments both the fennel and chilli flavors.