Australian Breakfast Sausages



Breakfast sausages are traditional a homemade version of the butcher produced variety.  They are also known as “country sausages” and originate in farming kitchens in many different cultures.  At Campisi Our breakfast sausages are made using beef which has been trimed from primals like round, topside and even scotch fillet. This trim is combined with a rice meal & secret herbs and spices which when mixed with our finely minced beef creates a meaty paste. Our trained Butchers then fill Our meaty paste into Natural Thin casing. Available by order Breakfast sausages can be make thick. Onced links by (Still by Hand) they are hung over night to relax and set allownig the flovours to to develop with the meat.These sausage are muched loved by Children and adluts alike because of their simple flavor and nothing over powdering, making them a great morning sausage.


Australian Breakfast Sausage: Nice and simple for the mornings, Place no stick fry pan on stove top using a medium heat and add olive oil. Place breakfast sausage in pan and brown both SIDES for 6 minute(apporx). Allow longer if you are cooking your pre order thick breakfast sausage. Oncecs cooked drain any excess oil and serve. Excitant with scrambled or fried and even grilled tomato.


BBQING: Simple pre heat bbq about 15 minute before cooking. It won’t matter if you cook on the grill or flat plate as ours Breakfast usages don’t contain an extreme fat content so with a watch full eye there want be any flair ups. On a medium heat cook thin sausage for approximate 6 Min on either side. DO NOT PIERCE YOUR SAUSAGES THIS ALLOWS VALIBLE JUICES TPO ESCAPE. THIS COULD LEAVE YOU WITH A DRY SAUSAGE. once cooked allow to sausages to rest, then coat with caramelized onion and your favorite sauce.