Pork meat has traditionally been one of the most cured varieties of meat in many cultures across the world. The relative low cost of rearing pigs, combined with the fact that nearly every part of the animal can be used has meant that human inventiveness has known no bounds when it comes to pork products. Prosciutto is an Italian dry cured ham which has found favor in kitchens in every corner of the globe. Methods for curing ham vary and the dry curing produces a fully flavored meat, ham of all kinds is created from the hind leg/thigh pig , curing allows for the introduction of additional flavors as part of the process.


Mozzarella and Prosciutto Parcels:

Prosciutto, like many cured ham products, is the ultimate snack food. To create a light lunch or supper, top mozzarella in pesto and wrap with prosciutto. Tie the parcels with string and grill under a medium grill for 3-4 minutes each side. Serve with fresh, hot crusty bread.
For an accompaniment to a main meal prosciutto can be used to wrap just about everything, from chicken breast to green beans. Try wrapping bundles of French haricot beans in prosciutto (steam these first to cook) and then grill until the prosciutto is browned. Served in this manner, the ham adds just a little taste kick to any side dish and can be used to persuade even vegetable averse children to eat up.