Mamma Maira MeatBalls



We sell over 100kg of Mama Maria Meat balls and over 900kg a week in schnitzels, with our most popular being chicken. We have never placed them on sale, yet it is one of the biggest turnover lines in the store. It all started by a customer expressing to a team member that she needed a fast and easy way to make schnitzel, so he suggested that we would batter them up for her. One single 4kg tray of chicken schnitzel was made the following day, and it sold out immediately. Our Meatball story is very similar, where a customer asked “what is the best way to make meatballs?” as hers always came out too dry. We made a special batch for her and it then lead to making a tray which sold out in less than an hour
Our meat balls are handmade using Traditional recipe made only with fresh ingredients including freshly grated cheese, homemade bread crumb and fresh eggs.