Leg of Lamb Roast



A leg of lamb is a cut of meat that includes the whole saddle of a lamb, the two loin chops and the hip portion of a young sheep. The meat can be served anywhere from rare to very well done. Leg of lamb is usually roasted but it can also be grilled, boiled and more. Overall the meat is extremely flavorful and can come out extremely tender when cooked correctly. Leg of lamb is a popular dish because the meat includes many textures and cuts all in the same piece of meat.


Roasted leg of lamb:

Roasted leg of lamb is one of the most popular recipes for this cut of meat. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and place seasoned and oiled potatoes in the base of the pan. Boil the potatoes ahead of time to shorten their cooking time. Place the lamb into the roasting pan for a period of about an hour and 15 minutes for rare to medium rare results. Let stand for a few minutes to let juices disperse.

Slow roast Leg of lamb:

A popular greek recipe involves slow roasting leg of lamb in soup stock, potatoes, carrots and celery. Cook the lamb uncovered at a temperature of 550 degrees f for 10-15 minutes in an uncovered roasting pan. Remove the lamb and then add it to a roasting pot at a temperature of 350 degrees f for 2 hours basting the lamb with the soup stock every 30 minutes.