Lamb Skewers



Lamb skewers, a form of kebab, are a rather special dish to cook. They’re simple but wholesome and come from a very ancient tradition. Nomadic peoples across the Middle East, north Africa and central Asia developed this simplest form of food preparation many thousands of years ago. There’s something deeply satisfying about cooking this type of original fast, takeaway food. Cuts of lamb for lamb skewers are really up to you – but neck of lamb or lamb shank are particularly good cuts to use. They are the cheaper cuts and are well suited to cooking in small pieces.


Authentic Lamb Skewers:

For a truly authentic experience, most suited to barbecues and campfires simply cut the neck or shank pieces of lamb into small chunks around ½ an inch each. Skewer these onto metal skewers – wood are fine for kebabs in general but for lamb skewers metal works best. Place these over your camp fire/barbecue or outdoor grill. Woodsmoke adds all the authentic, nomad inspired, flavor you’ll need but have a little salt to hand for serving. Turn the skewers during cooking; timing will depend on the size of meat but around eight minutes should be enough for medium sized pieces. Serve with flat bread and, for extra luxury, natural yogurt with mint.
If you’re planning the nomadic experience in the comfort of your own home marinading the lamb in advance is an option that adds subtle and delicious overtones to the meal. Again, shank or neck pieces should be cut into small to medium sections – you can use whole lengths if you like. Mix yogurt, lemon zest and mint together, along with a little oil. Pour over the prepared lamb and marinate for a minimum one hour – or for best results several. The skewers can be grilled or griddle cooked, turning occasionally and cooking for around eight to ten minutes in total.