Chicken Skewers



Creating skewers, or kebabs, for any occasion is simple but offers the chance for you to show off your culinary skills. Skewered meat is one of the simplest and oldest forms of cookery but it’s also open to a lot of interpretation. Meat and fish can be used and only your imagination limits your options. Chicken skewers are a very popular party food, snack, light lunch or supper dish. They’re also simple and easy to prepare. When it comes to chicken the best meat to use for skewers is the breast, as it’s the plumpest, juiciest part of the bird.


Spicy Lemon Chicken Skewers:

Chicken is a light, mild meat that absorbs flavors extremely well – ideal for skewers. It also goes well with citrus flavors, particularly lemon. To create spicy lemon chicken skewers, combine lemon zest and juice with garlic, cumin and oregano. Add salt, pepper and either white wine vinegar or olive oil. Pour over diced chicken breast and marinade overnight for the best results, but several hours as a minimum. For extra flavor alternate each piece of chicken with a piece of lemon and grill under a hot grill for around ten minutes each side; check the chicken is thoroughly cooked before serving (i.e. try a piece yourself before serving!).

Sweet and Spicy Skewers:

For a sweeter, spicy version of the chicken skewer substitute honey for lemon and chili flakes for the cumin and oregano. The process for marinading is the same but the mouth tingling sensation is quite the opposite, bursting with sweet spicy flavor these chicken breast skewers will have your guests praising your talents!