Pork Neck



Pork Neck in most cases comes directly from the uppermost part of the shoulder. Pork neck is one of the most popular cuts used for producing dishes like pulled pork, pork shoulder roast and more. In most cases the media served pulled from the bone slathered in barbecue sauce which is exactly where the name pulled pork comes from. This meat can be tender and very flavorful when slow cooked at low temperatures.


Pulled Pork:

Set your oven to 95 to 120°C or consider even smoking a pork neck roast over the long term. Generally when smoked pulled pork takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours or more on low heat. Remove the meat from the bones when the pork roast has cooked all the way through and use forks to tear it up into manageable pieces. You can create your own barbecue sauce or simply pour on your favorite barbecue sauce to serve on a bun or on its own.

Pork Kebabs:

Cubing your pork shoulder ahead of time will give you lots of meat to work with for kebabs. Simply cube off all of the meat from the full-sized pork shoulder, season it and then coat in oil to roast over low temperatures on the grill.