Pork Loin Chops



Pork loin chops are cut from the rear leg end of a pig and quite often will contain parts of the rib or vertebra. Pork chops traditionally come in several different cuts but the pork loin chop is usually known for containing some connective tissue and being regularly removed of bones. Loin chops can be just as easily baked, cooked stuffed or grilled. Pork loin chops are also usually fairly inexpensive and can produce very tasty portions of pork meat.


Pork stirfry:

You can chop up pork loin chops or cubed them to make them perfect for a teriyaki stirfry. Simply cook up some egg noodles, add your favorite teriyaki or pad Thai sauce, cook the pork sections in a separate pan and add them to your vegetables and stirfry when completed. This can be a tasty and easy dish the likes of which you might find at a local restaurant.