Pork Leg



Pork leg is also known as ham and pork leg is available in both a cured and uncured format as well as bone in or boneless formats. Pork leg can be cut to include the Shank and leg sections of the pig but ultimately the boneless format is one of the easiest types of pork leg to work with. Fresh pork leg is relatively inexpensive, very tasty and simple to prepare.


Pork Leg Roast:

Roasting pork leg is fairly simple we need to do is preheat your oven to a temperature of 275° Celsius, score the pork leg with a sharp knife to make sure that the outside skin gets crispy and then rub down the entire leg with sea salt. Cook the roast uncovered for 30 min. and then reduce the temperature to 180°C cooking the roast for 25 min. for every half kilo. It’s usually best to wait 30 min. before trying to cut into a pork leg after it’s done cooking so that the juices can distribute throughout the meat.

Smoked Pork leg:

It’s also possible to grill or smoke a pork leg which can be especially flavourful when it has been brined beforehand. Rinse and brine a 15-20 lb pork leg for up to a full 24 hours before you begin smoking dry the pork lightly before placing it in the smoker. Meat will need to smoke for at least 10 hours on indirect heat so prepare accordingly. Use red wine in the drip pan and watch the temperature on your grill or smoker.