Pork Belly



Pork belly comes directly from the belly of the pig and is compromised either completely boneless or with the bone cut of which is rich with fat. Quite often some of our favorite bacon comes directly from this cut of meat and you can produce some wonderful dishes with this tender cut of meat including your own bacon at home. This meat is fairly easy to work with and is a popular ingredient in Chinese and Korean cuisine.


Roasted Pork Belly:

Season the belly with sea salt, Thyme, Garlic, and olive oil and let stand overnight to marinate. Add more olive oil in the morning and be sure to rub on a little extra salt setting the oven for 200°C for 30 min. Turn the temperature down by 20° and baste the pork with lemon juice leaving the port for another two hours. Finally turn the temperature back up to 200° again to ensure that your pork has a crispy outer shell tasting similar to bacon.

Homemade Bacon:

If you ever thought of making your own bacon it’s possible to do it at home even without access to a smoker. With the product called liquid hickory smoke you can get the same type of taste that a smoker can bring with your regular home oven. The process of curing the bacon may take around seven days but after this time you can produce some of the best tasting bacon you’ve ever had.