Lamb Chump Chops



Lamb chump chops are produced using baby lambs and is the rump of the lamb with the bone. Lamb chump chops are usually taken within the first year of the sheep’s life to ensure meat tenderness and flavor. Lambs do not have permanent incisor teeth, therefore cannot digest or even eat some of the foods that can cause them to have extra fat, which changes the flavor.


Marinated Chump Chops:

Season then marinate your chump chops in salt-and-pepper and an alcohol or vinegar-based marinade. Keep the chump chops cold until you are ready to cook them and in the marinade for at least four hours before cooking. Pan-fry the chump chops over medium heat in a bit of olive oil and serve with the pairing of vegetables.

Roasted Chump Chops:

Season chops with salt and pepper and brown them by frying them in some oil. Prepare a roasting tray with chopped vegetables, vegetable stock, red wine, Rosemary and thyme and then place the roasting pan with the browned lamb chops into an oven at 120°C for 2 1/2 hours. This will produce tender roasted lamb chops and vegetables for a perfect meal.