A T-Bone steak is easy to identify because of it’s shape and the bone through the center that looks like the letter T. T- bone is located at the end of the short loin and is very similar to Rib Steak, but has a tenderloin fillet on one side and a strip loin mussel on the other. T-bone steak contains very little connective tissue and collagen compared to other cuts of meat. This makes a t-bone better suited for a fast and dry heat cooking method. It does not need to cook this steak for a long time to tenderize the meat. Cooking a steak on the bone allows the heat to be distributed evenly and prevents drying out. The meat near the bone cooks more slowly than the rest of the steak. The tenderloin tends to reach the desired temperature before the strip.


Pan Grilled T-bone:

The right cast iron frying pan allows you to achieve a great tasting T-bone steak. First, season your T-bone with freshly ground black pepper and salt and then heat some oil in a cast-iron frying pan inside your oven. Make sure that the pan is preheated to 200°C and cook the steak for 3 minutes on each side until brown. You can produce a great tasting steak without using a barbecue.

BBQ T-bone:

T-bone really is a great steak to cook on the grilled. The cut of the T-bone makes it perfect for barbequing. First, it’s very important to season the steaks well on both sides, then let them stand and reach room temperature. If you use a non-stick cooking spray on your grill, you can retain the flavour. Grill the T-bone’s on high heat for just a short time on each side and you get a perfectly cooked medium, rare T-bone steak.