Round Steak



Round steak is versatile and relatively inexpensive. When cut thin, it is great when tenderized and then dipped in crumbs for schnitzel. Most butchery’s and super markets get there round steak from larger the adult animals. Our round steak comes from young yearling. This really opens up the use of round steak, allowing it to be cooked in many ways. Traditionally round steak is only suitable to bake or mince, but at Campisi, round steak is considered a favourite amongst our customers. Try something different and try a nice round steak next time.

Round steak is quick and easy, and usually a winner for the entire family. Round steak has very little connective tissue and very little fat, which is perfect for fussy eaters especially kids. It’s also good as a stir fry, steak sandwiches and diced for kebabs or goulash, even to roll for involtini and briciola.


London broil:

A traditional London broil is often made using a round steak. In order to create the perfect London broil, you need to start with a top round steak approximately 2 inches thick. The meat needs to be marinated overnight in an acidic vinegar marinade and then broiled in a pan until medium rare. The marinating process works to tenderize the meat and prevents it from drying out through the cooking process.

*broil = grilling where the heat comes from the top, not the bottom. Like the grill found in your conventional oven or stove.

Slow Cooker Steak:

Cook round steak in a slow cooker or crock pot to produce a tasty beef dish. Simply place a seasoned round steak in beef stock, mushrooms and vegetables and any seasoning you like to produce a great meal. It’s best if you slowly cook the dish throughout the day and get the meat really tender. Set the slow cooker on low and cook for 6 to 8 hours then serve.